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Software Product Description

DNS Benchmark is a unique, comprehensive, accurate and free Windows (and Linux/Wine) utility to determine the exact performance of local and remote DNS nameservers.

DNS Benchmark performs a detailed analysis and comparison of the operational performance and reliability of any set of up to 200 DNS nameservers (sometimes also called resolvers) at once. When the Benchmark is started in its default configuration, it identifies all DNS nameservers the user's system is currently configured to use and adds them to its built-in list of publicly available 'alternative' nameservers.

Each DNS nameserver in the benchmark list is carefully 'characterized' to determine its suitability to you for your use as a DNS resolver. This characterization includes testing each nameserver for its 'redirection' behavior: whether it returns an error for a bad domain request, or redirects a user's web browser to a commercial marketing-oriented page.

When the benchmark is run, the current performance and apparent reliability of the DNS nameservers the system is currently using is compared among themselves, and also against the current performance and apparent reliability of the benchmark's list of all additional alternative nameservers.

Results are continuously displayed and updated while the benchmark is underway, with a dynamically sorted and scaled bar chart, and a tabular chart display showing the cached, uncached and 'dotcom' DNS lookup performance of each nameserver. These values are determined by carefully querying each nameserver for the IP addresses of the top 50 most popular domain names on the Internet and also by querying for nonexistent domains.

Once the benchmark finishes, the results are heuristically and statistically analyzed to present a comprehensive yet simplified and understandable English-language summary of all important findings and conclusions. Based upon these results, users may choose to change the usage order of their system's own resolvers, or, if alternative public nameservers offer superior performance compared with the nameservers currently being used, to switch to one or more alternative nameservers.


"Good program"

Reviewer: -jack_alexander

Review Date: 2018-04-13

Pros: It works!

Cons: none

Other Thoughts: With DNS jumper and this, you can increase your speeds. However, with the new Cloudflare DNS you might want to add it to the list. It is faster than the others.


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