What's New in version 1.73.79:

  • Added the function: 'Monitor File' which allows you to monitor a file and reproduce any changes. The file is monitored and, if this is modified, it is opened and reproduced, if the file is modified again, only the new part is reproduced.
  • Minor changes to the UI and some bug fixes.

What's New in version 1.72.00:

  • Added the possibility to specify a volume other than the main voice for the voice dedicated to the reproduction of the text in quotation marks.
  • Added the possibility to save in pdf.
  • Once the text translation functionality has been deactivated, unfortunately the google translate bees have been modified to make it unusable by third-party software, in any case, when and if a way of circumventing this limitation is found, the function of translation will be reintroduced.
  • Minor Fix

What's New in version 1.69.2:

  • Introduced the possibility to enable / disable all the ASR functions in their entirety directly from the menu, whereas before the thing was possible only from the command line.
  • Eliminate some pretty useless options, like the one to save custom character sets.
  • Minor fix and upgrade.

What's New in version 1.62:

  • Introduced compatibility with Unicode file names and paths.
  • Minor updates.

What's New in version 1.61:

  • Added the ability to drag a file to be opened even in the window of recently opened files.
  • Improved some menu items to make them more intuitive.
  • Fix minor.

What's New in version 1.60.9:

  • Improvements to Pause / Resume.
  • Added the ability to stop playing the text by clicking on the text itself.
  • Added the 'Transparent' to make the main program window transparent, making visible what lies below the same.
  • Added a button to quickly highlight the phrase on which the cursor is positioned.
  • Fixati some rare bugs.
  • Minimum UI tweaks.
  • Note: The buttons 'Phrases' and 'Transparent' are more than another of the placeholders for any new functionality that can thus be introduced at a later time without there being the need for this to disrupt the interface.

What's new in version 1.60.2:

  • DSpeech is now able to read the subtitles while watching a film of the same, then supports opening files of subtitles (.SRT format). Through this feature you can get read subtitles while watching a movie without having to read them on the screen (which is often impossible to follow well the film). If you have set a different voice to read the text in quotation marks, this will improve the final result, because the standard subtitle provides the dual voice.
  • Introduced the command line parameter '/ MINIMIZE' to start the program minimized.
  • Changes and Fix minors.

What's New in version 1.60.1:

  • Introduced a system of preprocessing to format the text, in fact, to a limitation of Windows, the text boxes can not contain lines longer than 1024 characters, in this case, are introduced that go head to break, in the most natural way possible these lines are too long, making them perfectly usable.
  • The application of the conversion table of default and the removal of unnecessary carriage returns is now done when opening a file rather than at the time of his conversion to wav or mp3.
  • Added the option to choose if the commands 'Speak From Current / Previous / Next / Start Line' must ensure that the system is read-only or line indicated that playback continues with subsequent lines.
  • Added the Undo feature to undo the last change made to the text (Undo).
  • Now the command 'Store Pos' and 'Restore Pos' work even while playback is active.
  • Several minor changes and Fix.

What's New in version 1.60:

  • Revision of the interface, the buttons to play from the beginning of the text and line by line with previous and next have been collected together and made more intuitive, graphically without compromising usability using screen readers. Even the button to read the contents of the ClipBoard has been moved.
  • Introduced the ability to use voice commands to control the program (eg 'PLAY' or 'PAUSE' or 'DISABLE' to disable voice commands themselves).
  • With two new buttons you can now store the current cursor position and restore it at a later time, this is useful if, for example, you want to go to a specific point in the text that you are reading and then go back to the point where you left it.
  • A new button now allows you to quickly display the window with the recent documents.
  • Now the command '/ PLAY' command line appends text to the command '#CLOSE', so DSpeech reads the text in question and then closes automatically, ditto the contextual control of explorer.
  • Now in microphone recordings and subsequent bailouts is stored path and the choice made between wav and mp3.
  • Reallocate some of the small icons of shortcuts to other options.
  • Various changes and Fix various.

What's New in version 1.58.8:

  • Added a dialog that allows you to open recently opened documents, it can be displayed at every startup or at the request of the user during the execution (from the File menu or using the Ctrl + R).
  • Introduced a new option (enabled by default) which allows you to activate a group of simplified HotKeys for the most common tasks. For example, to start or stop the reading of the text, just press the spacebar.
  • Returns more intuitive names of some options and menu items.
  • Removed the easteregg (altogether useless).
  • Note version for Translators: different options now have a tooltip (the comic that appears when you stand on it with the mouse) that explain most of the function to which they refer; can be translated without problems, however council to wait before you do, in fact, my English is not perfect and it is likely that in the next versions of some of them will be changed.
  • Added Splash Screen initial one (can be disabled from the Options menu -> Advanced).
  • Changes and Fix minors.

What's New in version 1.58.7:

  • Introduced the KeyWord # DELAY which allows to introduce a wait of 100 to 900 milliseconds before continuing.
  • Now in the options for the creation of audiobooks you can specify from 100 milliseconds to 5 seconds as a delay line spacing (before the range was from 1 to 5 seconds).
  • Minor fixes and changes.

What's New in version 1.58.6:

  • Reduced the minimum possible time to transition from one line to another
  • Added the possibility to open PDF files , remove automatic page numbers and the title of the text that often finds himself soon after and, while reading , is an annoying interruption as insistent
  • Removed options to keep the physical size of the original PDF file ( practically useless , if not harmful )
  • Added the ability to automatically save the settings every 15 minutes ( it may be useful to save the sign of the point at which we have arrived while you are reading a text in the event of a power failure )
  • Now the automatic selection of the words as they are spoken works perfectly even if you specify to use a different voice for text in quotes (so far was selected the entire line instead of single words)
  • Now DSpeech keeps track of the state of the window ( maximized or not) and restores it at the next reboot
  • Now the # DO - LOOP # allows , if desired , to limit the number of loop to the desired value , for example, if you want the cycle is repeated 4 times, you will have to write ' LOOP # 4'
  • Added the possibility to choose the symbol or set of symbols that precede the keywords making them recognizable as such (by default, this symbol is the pound)
  • Minor fixes and changes

What's new in version 1.58.5:

  • Now the # DO - LOOP # allows, if desired, to limit the number of loop to the desired value, for example, if you want the cycle is repeated 4 times, you will have to write 'LOOP # 4'
  • Added the possibility to choose the symbol or set of symbols that precedes the keywords making them recognizable as such (by default, this symbol is the pound)
  • Added KeyWord # REM that allows you to insert comments into the text that will be ignored by DSpeech
  • Added KeyWord # TOP which focuses on the main window DSpeech
  • Now the keyword STOP # is also supported when you convert audio files
  • Minor fixes and changes

What's New in version 1.58.4:

  • Added KeyWord # SHUTDOWN command to shut down the computer (at the end of the reproduction of a text).
  • Adding the # OF KeyWord that is used to erase the disk a given file or folder date (for example, the text file just played).
  • Added KeyWord # Selfdestruct you need to delete the executable from disk DSpeech, the ini file and the file is currently open at the end of the reproduction of a text.
  • Added the ability to enable the advanced mode of the user interface that enables some additional menu items and allows you to do other things that are better kept hidden for beginners, such as the ability to record audio during playback.
  • Minor fixes and changes.

What's new in version 1.58.3:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the proper functioning of Keyword # PLAY.
  • Minor fixes and changes.

What's New in version 1.58.2:

  • Several Fixes and improvements to AI
  • Minor changes

What's New in version 1.57.6:

  • Added a feature that allows you to automatically select the most beautiful voice from those available.
  • Introduced a feature that allows you to select the best audio format for the item currently in use.
  • Improved handling of Path, DSpeech now remembers the exact location of the last file opened and saved.
  • Added the ability to force the grammatical rules of a given language for items of different languages ??that support this feature (eg Loquendo).
  • Changed the icon.
  • Various fixes

What's New in version 1.57.5:

  • Introduced a feature that allows you to save to wav, mp3, etc. the selected text
  • Now the setting of the button 'Get ClipBoard' is stored at the end
  • Added the ability to run the ClipBoard in APPEND mode
  • Now DSpeech also works with resolutions lower than the nominal (1024x768), albeit with a less aesthetic. Ditto with regard to the settings of the font size (DPI)
  • Fix Usual (okay, among others, the bug that prevented the auto-restart after changing the interface language)

What's New in version 1.57.4:

  • Added the possibility of introducing a pause between the pronunciation of a line and the next.
  • Added the ability to customize, during the creation of multi-volume audio books, the names of the individual volumes, you can now specify the title by placing it below the KeyWord 'Break', if you do not specify anything the title will be stripped from the text.
  • In the 'Replace' added the ability to preview the new word or phrase that is going to replace.
  • Now, at the end of a series of substitutions, is indicated the number of occurrences of the term replaced.
  • Added the function Find Everything that lets you know how many times a given term occurs in the text.
  • More Fixes

What's New in version 1.57.3:

  • Fixed the management of multiple instances, you can not have multiple instances open at once (this is a limitation of the SAPI), but the opening and closing of the same has been simplified and made rational
  • Small Fixes and tweaks

What's New in version 1.57.2:

  • Simplified and improved the selection of the options (now the accessibility options and changes to the Shell are combined into a single screen).
  • Improved the automatic management of priorities, and now, waiting for orders, the priority remains normal, while playing it rises and falls during conversions and rescues.
  • Fix and various improvements.

What's New in version 1.57.1:

  • Fix and several minor adjustments to the UI.

What's New in version 1.56.5:

  • Introduced a system of encryption to the history of open files with certain options selected, are saved in the settings file
  • Minimum number of fixes and improvements

What's New in version 1.56.4:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the proper application of the conversion tables.

What's New in version 1.56.2:

  • Made more rational menus and options for creating audiobooks.
  • Enhanced the function to remove the carriage returns incorrect / unnecessary.

What's new in version 1.56.1:

  • Added the ability to save in WMA format.
  • Fixed a bug which made them unusable for Bookmarks with certain ways of opening files.
  • Improvements in the arrangement of menu items.

What's New in version 1.56:

  • Fixed a defect in the conversion Ogg Vorbis.
  • Added the ability to save in AAC Mp4 format.
  • Built-in Plug-in for reading PDFs.
  • Fix minor.