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Release Date:   2020-06-06

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Software Product Description

DVDate is a nice freeware which deals with avi videoclips. It's main purpose is to handle digital DV-avi files, but it is usefull too for analogic avi-files.

When you open files in DVdate, it gives you many informations about the videoclip: duration, size of frames, codec, frames-per-second etc..

If the file is a DV-file, it displays two informations hidden in each frame:

  • the datecode, which is the date and time when the video was captured in your camcorder.
  • the timecode, which is the timestamp of the considered video-frame on the original DV-Tape.

These informations are printed on each frame by most camcorders, and remain on the digital frame in the avi-file as long as the frame is not recompressed. If a recompression has occured, they are no more available, and DVdate displays N/A.

DVDate is able to give the type I or type II of DV clips, and to tell you if it is a NTSC or a Pal DV clip. DVdate is also able to convert easyly DV files of type I to type II, and reciprocally.

A multimedia player is included in order to preview the clips. It has some nice features: play in Fullscreen (toggle the F11 key), display the live datecode and timecode during the playing. With arrow key you may control seeking in the video, and moreover browse the videofile for scenes (F8 for the previous scene, F9 for the next scene) if a *.scn file is available for your videofile.

SCN-files is the format of files produced by Studio DV 8 (or better), and others like Scenalyser Live. DVdate is able to read them in order to browse between the scenes of DV-files. Better, it is able to produce a scn-file for your video-file, and performs it about twice faster than Studio 8.

DV-date includes since Version 4.0 a new function which shows the RIFF-structure of the header of an avi-file, like RiffWalk.exe from Microsoft used to do.

DVdate is also useful for renaming files with datecode or timecode.

Many functions may be launched at once simultaneously for all the files opened in DVDate. DVdate includes now many keyboard shortcuts, for all his functions. Type F1 to display them.



Reviewer: -Rodger

Review Date: 2008-04-14

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: I am using version 4.2(works fine) -this version is not good,told me I did not have the Xvid codec when that is what I used to create the avi!!


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