What's New in version 6.3:

  • [NEW] New Thermodynamics subsystem with Univeral Flash Algorithm used by default
  • [FIX] Bug fixes and enhancements

What's New in version 6.0:

  • [NEW] Dynamic Simulation Mode
  • [NEW] New Object Types: PID Controller, Analog/Digital/Level Gauges, Input Box, Switch
  • [NEW] New PID Controller Tuning tool
  • [NEW] Store/Restore Flowsheet Solutions
  • [FIX] Various bug fixes and enhancements

What's New in version 5.8u1:

  • [CHG] Changed target .NET Framework version to 4.6.1 on Windows
  • [CHG] Reduced the size of the User Guide PDF file
  • [FIX] Fixed Automation feature
  • [FIX] Fixed some issues with ReoGrid formula parsing
  • [FIX] Enhanced reliability of liquid phase instability detection

What's New in version 5.7u14:

  • [CHG] Added 'This' to python vars (Python Script UO)
  • [FIX] Fixed flowsheet dragging while zoomed
  • [FIX] Fixed exception when launching the Script Editor (Classic UI)
  • [FIX] Fixed Energy Stream connection editors for Python Script UO (Classic UI)

What's New in version 5.7u13:

  • [NEW] Insert IronPython Script Snippets (Classic UI)
  • [CHG] Restored Reference Object functionality to Controller/Adjust Logical Block
  • [CHG] Restored Maximum Iterations editor to Recycle Logical Block
  • [CHG] Optimized Isothermal Compressibility calculation
  • [FIX] Fixed layout of object editors (Classic UI)
  • [FIX] Fixed Thermo library registration
  • [FIX] Fixed Molar Volume value in Material Stream report
  • [FIX] Minor bug fixes

What's New in version 5.7u1:

  • [NEW] Exposing additional reactor properties to tables and analysis tools
  • [NEW] Shortcut selection buttons on table editors (Classic UI)
  • [FIX] Fixed Electrolyte DB
  • [FIX] Fixed pressure drop on Gibbs and Equilibrium reactors

What's New in version

  • Improved font rendering on Cross-Platform UI PFD Designer
  • Fixed stoichiometric coefficient input on reaction editor (Classic UI)

What's New in version

  • [FIX] Fixed a regression in Heat Exchanger model

What's New in version

  • [NEW] Liquid Viscosity Pressure Correction
  • [FIX] Fixed Letsou-Stiel Liquid Viscosity estimation