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Reviewed on September 06, 2016

If you would like to either create or mount a virtual drive, then all you need is DAEMON Tools Lite. The free CD/DVD emulator provides basic emulation functionality and is compatible with many popular formats.

Using DAEMON Tools Lite

The program installer gave us the option to choose the license type that we wanted between Paid Personal License and Free License with ads, and we selected the latter option. Once we had installed and launched the software, it quietly resided in the System Tray. Its icon in the System Tray allowed us to perform some things without opening the main program window, such as loading disc image files and changing settings.

The program's graphical user interface featured tabs on the left side, which we used to access different functions like mounting and unmounting images, creating new images, burning discs, adding virtual hard discs, creating a bootable USB drive, protecting USB and creating a writable virtual drive.

Right-clicking an existing image displayed a context menu from where we could mount it in three different ways, rename or delete it, open file location, display its properties, or burn, convert or edit it.

The "New Image" tab allowed us to make a virtual copy of a physical optical disc, save an image as ISO, MDX or MDS file, make a virtual audio CD from music files, or create a custom image from folders and files. The options that we specified depended on the specific function that we wanted to perform.

For instance, when making a virtual copy of an existing CD/DVD, we selected the device, format and location and name of the virtual disc. We could also protect the disc with a password and compress it. The program showed us the space that the finalized disc would occupy on the right part of its window.

When creating a data disc, we selected things like write speed, number of retries on bad block hit, profile and sub-channels.

Other things that we could do with the software included splitting optical disc image files, mounting the images automatically after rebooting and compressing them.


DAEMON Tools Lite is an intuitive CD/DVD emulator that provides basic functionality. You can use the software to create and manage up to four different virtual drives free of charge for home and other non-commercial purposes. The program supports drag and drop feature that makes it even easier to use.

Software Product Description

Daemon-Tools Lite is an advanced application for multiprotection CD/DVD image emulation. Easily create up to 4 virtual drives that emulate DT, SCSI or HDD devices.

It is further development of Generic Safedisc emulator and incorporates all its features. This program allows running Backup Copies of SafeDisc (C-Dilla), Securom or Laserlock protected games. Also included is a Virtual DVDROM drive (V386 STEALTH DVDROM) enabling you to use your CD/DVD images as if they were already burned to CD/DVD!

DAEMON Tools works under Windows with all types of CD/DVDROM drives (DT/IDE/SCSI) and supports nearly any CD/DVD protection.


  • Daemon-Tools needs a 1:1 Copy to run!!
  • Daemon-Tools is used to RUN GAMES, NOT TO BURN THEM!!! Means emulation must be active while you want to play a game, not while burning the copy (except for you want to use DAEMON Tools' "fastdump" feature on a safedisc protected CD).
  • If you want to run a copy protected application from an image mounted to a STEALTH DVDROM enabling the copy protection emulation(s) is NOT necessary!!
  • STEALTH DVDROM is able to run nearly every protected or unprotected CD/DVD image (Safedisc®, Securom®, Laserlock®, Lockblocks® etc.) like it was the original CD/DVD! Just do an image file using one of the supported burning programs and mount it with Daemon Manager!
Daemon-Tools supports the following image files:
  • cue/bin
  • iso
  • ccd (CloneCD)
  • bwt (Blindwrite)
  • mds (Media Descriptor File)
  • cdi (Disjuggler)
  • nrg (Nero - must have ImageDrive installed)

Daemon Tools Lite is free for personal, non-commercial use only.

This software may only be used to create or run backup copies of legally owned CD/DVDs. FreewareFiles and the developers of Daemon Tools DO NOT SUPPORT software piracy in any form! The developers cannot be held responsible if you are going to use this software for illegal activities such as copyright infringement or software piracy.

Note from FreewareFiles: This program is considered ad-ware as the setup program offers to change the homepage and install add-ons which can be rejected and the software will still run without limitations.


"Must have software"

Reviewer: -someperson

Review Date: 2012-04-05

Pros: - really easy to use - all you need for disc emulation

Cons: - for some secured disc emulation you need older versions

Other Thoughts: -Tom 23, i'm currently on win 7 using daemon tools and I never have such a problem.


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