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OS:  Windows XP/2003/Vista/7

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Software Product Description

Daphne is a small application for killing, controlling and debugging window's processes. You can kill a process by dragging the mouse over the windows, by right-clicking the process in the main process list, or by typing its name with the "Kill all by name" command. You can set a any window to be always on top, to be transparent, to be enable, et cetera.

The main window displays a list of currently running process with detailed information about:

  • Process ID
  • Process name
  • Full path (and arguments)
  • Priority
  • Class (Process / Service)
  • Current memory usage
  • Peek memory usage
  • Current swap usage
  • Peek swpa usage
  • Number of threads
You can access extra information about a process by double clicking the process in the list:
  • Process creation time
  • Process kernel user time
  • Process kernel mode time
  • Windows hierarchy tree
  • Thread list
  • Full path module list
  • Process environment variables


  • Enhanced (experimental) multidesktop feature: use up to four windows desktops using WindowsKey + F5 to F8.
  • Installed software list for inspecting installed software available in tray icon menu. Installed software
  • Check process hierarchy tree using the "Show process tree" at tray icon menu. Process tree
  • Parent process name an PID at process' properties.
  • Now you can make configuration portable using INI file instead of registry base configuration.
  • Support for DRK's process data base information search and contribution.
  • Hide application tool: drop the target over the application's window you want to hide. Later, you can restore the application from Daphne menu.
  • Hide application, makes an application disappear but keeps it running to get more desktop space.
  • Find process window tool: identify the process which owns the targeted window.
  • Traps: you can set up traps to be applied to any process being created.
  • Detailed process list, including full path and arguments.
  • Per process detail including: Windows tree, thread list, modules, enviroment variables.
  • Using the windows tree you can: Show, hide, set always on top on or off, set focus, et cetera to any give window.
  • Kill all by name: Kill all process using a given name.
  • Kill menu: Customizable menu, each menu item has a process list to kill upon activation.
  • Process list highlighting with colors for custom, system and high CPU-consumption processes.
  • Control inspector window for revealing hidden passwords.
  • Drag and drop tool for killing, setting alpha, enabling controls and putting windows always on top.
  • "Hide Java VM from command line" option in advanced tab makes Daphne strip the path to the default Java VM in full path mode.
  • Internationalization: Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Valencian, Polish, Russian and Portuguese support.

What's new in version 2.04:

  • Windows Explorer integration bug fixed
  • Updated French translation
  • Updated Chinese translation


Reviewer: -Joeres

Review Date: 2008-02-07

Pros: None

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Other Thoughts: Daphne is not bad, but faber toys is better!


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