Dark Woods 2      

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Release Date:   2002-02-07

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OS:  Windows (All), DOS

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Software Product Description

Dark Woods 2 is a simple adventure/puzzle game quite reminiscent of Rogue or Kroz: it uses ASCII symbols to represent the player character, monsters and items.The objective of the game is either to kill all enemies on the current level or, if an exit is present, reach the exit alive.

Since all enemies move either in completely random or in very predictable patterns, solving a level can require both a bit of luck and some planning. The game offers 11 levels as well as an easy way to edit or create new levels: just open a level file in your favourite text editor and place monsters,items and scenery, then load it from the main menu or use the famous Dark Woods 2: Mapeditor (Ryan S.)

New maps and highscores can be found at:The Official Dark Woods 2 Site.


"Great game."

Reviewer: -Tupper

Review Date: 2005-01-08

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Other Thoughts: A funny puzzle/rpg game that reminds me of ZZT and roguelikes like Rogue or Adom. Very fun to play and alot of maps to try.


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