Das Unit Converter 6.25      

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Release Date:   2009-01-31

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OS:  Win NT/Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista

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Software Product Description

Das Unit Converter is an easy-to-use freeware program that can handle virtually all of your unit conversion needs. With over 2000 units, over 80 categories, and with the ability to add more (units; categories), you may never need to use an online converter or a search engine for unit conversions again!


  • 2002 units (As of version 5.67. 125 more than previous release).
  • 82 categories (As of version 5.67. 1 more than previous release).
  • 1354 symbols/abbreviations (As of version 5.67. 41 more than previous release).
  • World currency converter (35 currencies!).
  • Online updater (adds/revises units, updates currency rates & checks for new version!).
  • Ability to add custom units/categories.
  • Shows symbol/abbreviation if available (ex. m/s, ft^3, etc.).
  • Support for mathematical operations (addition, division, modulo, etc.) and functions (sqrt, log, sin, etc.).
  • Auto, Decimal, Fractional and Scientific outputs with customizable decimal precision.
  • Unit searcher and program statistics features.
  • Conversion history and quick notes features.
  • Quick calculator access and other accessibility features.
  • Transferable settings and customizations (to friends, family, and co-workers).
  • Complete help file included.
  • Uninstaller included.

System Requirements:

  • Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
  • 17.7MB install space

Recent Changes:

  • Version 6.25 brings several minor bug fixes and changes. Changed significant figures to decimal precision. "Indian Rupees" currency is now available via the updater (requested by many).
  • Version 6.01 fixes a major bug than can cause the program to crash after an online update. This version also brings a minor imporvement to the GUI. Updating is recommended.
  • Version 5.67 brings 125 new units, 41 new symbols, new functionality/bug fixes/GUI layout, and a new "World Currency" category. Online updater updates currency rates, adds new units, revises erroneous units, and checks for new version. Roman numeral support has also been added (Suggested by "Andy").


"So useful!"

Reviewer: -freehunter

Review Date: 2008-04-23

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Other Thoughts: I use it all the time. It converts just about everything. even comes with a currency converter!


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