What's New in version 3.9.8:


  • For persons (such as artists and authors) the name field has been changed to read 'Lastname, Firstname'. On startup you will be asked to confirm the update.
  • For associates (persons and companies) it can now be indicated whether it is a person or a company. For persons, the name will read 'Lastname, firstname'. For companies no name conversion is done.
  • Picture field can no longer be set to be a descriptive field.
  • For associates the descriptive field can now no longer be set manually, it will always be the name field.
  • Define fields in alter and create module wizard has been changed to include:
    • Required = is the field mandatory
    • Descriptive = does the value of this field describe the item
    • Is key field = is this field use to check whether the item is unique
    • Tab = the tab of the item form in which the field is placed (replaces the 'technical info' check box).
  • Added an extra step to the module wizard to explain the additional settings that can be done for the module after Data Crow has been restarted.
  • Order of the labels in the chart panel has been changed.
  • Updated the help in many places.


  • Sorting of artists, authors and other persons has been fixed.
  • Define fields in alter and create module wizard: Data Crow now correctly checks for the entered maximum length for a field.
  • Item importer states that the items are imported directly into the database. However, the items are actually imported first into the new items tab. I have changed this so that the items actually are imported directly into Data Crow.
  • The XML item importer for images imports an empty item for every imported image.
  • Non property modules could no longer be used as a reference for other modules (reference fields).
  • Define Fields dialog did not have a help page linked (pressing F1 shows an empty page).
  • Change password dialog did not have a help page linked (pressing F1 shows an empty page).
  • Loan information overview did not have a help page linked (pressing F1 shows an empty page).
  • In many cases the help does not clearly state where to find the functionality or option.
  • File Renamer functionality was broken due to performance problems.
  • Possible undetected closure of the database connection.
  • service was broken.
  • References not correctly cleaned after removing an item.
  • References are now always alphabetically ordered.
  • Fields not visible after creating a module.
  • Database is locked after creating a backup (restarting fixes the problem).

    What's New in version 3.9.7:


    • The file selection for the various file importers has been changed to make it work faster and simpler to exclude and include single files.


  • Image paths for reports are not relative, even not when setting 'copy images' to true.
  • Error occurs when a default template is active in combination with the new item wizard.
  • None administrator users cannot loan items (error). Users having permissions to use the loan plugin is now always allowed to make updates and inserts into the loan table.
  • Saving a picture to disk doesn't work.
  • IMDB service does not retrieve the full description.
  • Enormous lag before importing.
  • Error on the initial database creation script (harmless).

    What's New in version 3.9.6:


    • Portuguese and english translation have been redone by Uruan. Thanks!!!!


  • Item form is opened twice from property views when another item was removed first.
  • Memory usage when importing images from web or file information has been reduced.
  • Memory leak for image saving and loading has been fixed.
  • Pictures are sometimes not drawn in both the new and current items tabs.
  • When checking whether an item already exists in the database (such as a language or country) Data Crow will now take trailing spaces into account. An update is performed during the upgrade to remove all trailing spaces from existing items (related to the movie search update)
  • Cannot remove contact person when the person has lend items.
  • An error is logged in the log file when updating or adding an item after opening the container module

    What's New in version 3.9.5:

    • Important bug fixes.

    What's New in version 3.9.3:

    • Small improvements, a new tool called Find and Replace and bug fixes .

    What's New in version 3.9.2:

    • This version includes minor bug fixes and changes.

    What's New in version 3.9.1:

    • Many performance improvements and minor bug fixes. One small change is that icons are now shown in item forms and the quick view.

    What's New in version 3.9.0:

    • This release delivers a significant, mostly technical, change. The data layer, which is the way for Data Crow to load and display items, has been rewritten. Items were always loaded (all of them) on startup, causing a long startup time and high memory usage.

    What's New in version 3.8.16:

    • Minor fixes only.

    What's New in version 3.8.15

    • Contains important bug fixes and small improvements to the product.

    What's New in version 3.8.14:

    • Fix: Item wizard does not add images.

    What's New in version 3.8.13:


    • Track titles were missing for


    • 2927679 Collapse All Behavior
    • 2943392 Floating Filter Dialog
    • 2943409 Filter - Does not Show working status
    • 2944044 Amendment to the Sort Order (filter)
    • 2948618 Add 'copy' option to quickview
    • 2948686 Close Tool Select Wizard after choosing & better explanation
    • The 'container managed' option is now also available when altering a module.
    • 2955087 Suppress "There are no changes to save" dialog
    • Backup & Restore is now also available when running in the beginner experience level.
    • 2955092 Visual indication of Beginner/Expert mode
    • Added the username to the title of the Data Crow window.
    • 2943367 Filter to select Pictures "is empty"
    • Added "Is Filled" option to the quick filter toolbar.
    • Added HH:mm (hours and minutes) to the backup file name.
    • 2989153 Comment Addition for Backup files. A comment can now be added to a backup file. The comment is shown when browsing for a backup file to restore.

    What's New in version 3.8.12:


    • Updated French translation! Thanks to skorpionnan.


    • 2991768 Can't close detached dialog window after item delete (unconfirmed fix)
    • 2984361 Custom property module not in delete wizard
    • 2988925 Regional Settings - Decimal Grouping Error (can now be left empty)
    • 2988556 IMDB import adds trash chars to Genre item
    • 2988565 IMDB import fails to parse some years
    • 2987886 Concurrent Modification Exception in FreeResourcesTask
    • 2987098 Containers (containers are now removed from the view after deleting them)
    • 2970691 Item wizard with ISBN search adds item directly
    • 2970693 ISBN online search does not retrieve results (
    • 2981541 Director field (now adds aspect ratio, director and color to movie)

    What's New in version 3.8.11:


    • Updated Italian language pack (big thanks to Marco Artioli).


    • Update all was not available from the tools menu.
    • Web Server cannot be started from the command line.
    • Item cannot be deleted after opening it from within the child tab of the item form.
    • Item of custom module with child relation cannot be deleted. Data Crow states that there are referencing items (the children). It should however be able to delete this item regardless if it has children or not (and delete the children).
    • NullpointerException when starting Data Crow after restoring a database. Due to a missing field the UI fails to initialize correctly and causes Data Crow to shutdown.

    What's New in version 3.8.10:


    • The installer allows you to select the specific modules you would like to install.


    • was no longer working (item links on were changed).
    • Altering a module made the file fields disappear (the property 'file-backed' was not saved correctly).
    • The FreeDB server did not deliver helpful error message when the disc query failed.
    • The error handling of the report creation process has been improved.
    • Data Crow did not remember (after a restart) whether its main view was maximized.
    • Table view duplicates tracks when saving a new item.
    • The list disappears when altering a property from within one of the administration menu options.
    • Forms for child modules cannot be designed (the menu item is not available).

    What's New in version 3.8.9:


    • was no longer working.
    • Audio Tracks were no longer updated by the online search and synchronizer.
    • Flickering pictures in the view.
    • Log file created in the old location (previous installation of Data Crow).

    What's New in version 3.8.8:


    • Log form is now scalable (size is remembered) and correctly styled.


    • Memory issues with the images module.
    • Photo of persons not shown in the picture tab of the quick view.
    • Switching between look and feels does not always work correctly.