DataBaGG 1.3.5      

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Release Date:   2013-11-03

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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Software Product Description

DataBaGG is an advanced cloud application, which has been recently launched in the market. It offers an online cloud storage platform that enables you to store your data or information on the cloud.

With its launch, the application has gained the appreciation due to its user friendliness and power of convenience. This simple and advanced application can be downloaded easily and user can save it either on PC, laptop, or mobile etc. This cloud application enables you to store your data online and share it with anyone you want. You are about to explore the next level of convenience of online cloud storage platform.

Apart from this, DataBaGG is enriched with most exciting features, which are as follows:

  1. Auto Sync
  2. Auto Backup
  3. Tight Security
  4. Global Access
  5. Easy Share

Each feature makes it more and more alluring due to which it has gained the attention in the market. You no longer are restricted and have the global access for uploaded data or crucial information. All you require is an internet connection and your data is easily available to you all the time. Users don't have to worry about transferring the files of huge sizes. With the help of DataBaGG, one can easily share the files of enormous sizes in few quick minutes.

You are using advanced online data sharing with which, security will never be an issue. Super security is protecting your crucial business information or personal files. You can upload or share your files or data as per your convenience with zero comprise on privacy. Auto backup and auto sync also facilitates you to some extent as your uploaded files stay updated. It offers lots of amazing features when it comes to online storage and access of digital information.

You can start your journey of online cloud storage with 5GB free space. It provides huge space, faster sharing, convenient upload of information and online security. It can be considered as a best suited solution for both individuals as well as businesses.


"Quick and easy to use app"

Reviewer: -Suman Parashar

Review Date: 2018-07-12

Pros: I found Databagg to be quite fast loading and user-friendly, also they have live customer support, which is the biggest advantage over any other cloud storage service.

Cons: Nothing to say bad about this app.

Other Thoughts: 5GB of free space will likely be enough to store a good chunk of documents and photos. If you need more, though, the service offers also offers paid plans if you need more personalized storage.


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