DataNumen File Splitter 1.4      

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Release Date:   2020-10-30

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OS:  Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Software Product Description

If you have a large file that you would like to split into two or more sections, then consider DataNumen File Splitter, a powerful tool for splitting and joining files. In addition, the free tool can help you in comparing files and calculating their check sums.

The program has a simple graphical user interface, which almost looks bare. This means you have just the options you want, eliminating the risk of confusion. You can access all its functions right from the main application window. It basically features six large buttons named Split, Join, Compare, Checksum, About and Exit respectively. Simply click the appropriate button depending on what you want to do.

To divide a large file into several parts, you need to select the appropriate parameters. You browse and select the file to split, the output file directory and the size of each section in gigabytes, megabytes or kilobytes. You then click the Start Split button. The sections are saved chronologically in the destination folder with such suffixes as 0001, 0002 etc.

On the other hand, the Join button allows you to select several files you would like to merge into a single larger file. You can select a file in the list and move it either up or down, which is important if the files are not in the order in which you want to join them. You may also delete a file you do not want to include in the new file.

The compare function gives you the option to choose two files you want to compare and then click the Start Compare button. The Checksum calculator can help you determine the integrity of a file by finding out whether the value of its MD5 hash has changed.

Splitting large files can make them easier to manage, such as when you want to transfer them. It is also important to merge the pieces to make them usable once they are at the desired destination. DataNumen File Splitter will help you perform both tasks and even check whether the files have been modified.