DataObjects.NET Express 3.8.5      

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Release Date:   2006-03-11

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OS:  Win NT/2000/XP/2003

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Software Product Description

DataObjects.NET is an object persistence layer for the .NET Framework. It dramatically decreases development time by handling all persistence-related tasks transparently. It completely supports inheritance (including interfaces), relations and collections, transactions, object queries, full-text indexing and search, multilingual properties and a lot of other features.

Moreover, it provides a set of unique services including automatic transaction management and built-in access control system. Its feature set allows building not only the data access tier with it, but the complete business tier of a complex application.


  • .NET Framework 1.1 / 2.0 or Mono (Mono support is in alpha stage currently)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with SP3, or MSDE 2000 with SP3, or Microsoft SQL Server 2005 beta2, or Microsoft Access, or Oracle (9i or higher) or Firebird (1.5.1 or higher), or MaxDB\SAP DB (v.7.4.3 or higher).
  • Microsoft Search service should be installed and running in order to use full-text search functionality with Microsoft SQL Server 2000\2005
  • DotLucene (Lucene.Net.dll) should be available in assembly search path list in order to use its full-text search functionality (it's fully RDBMS-independent)
  • Oracle Client should be installed in order to use DataObjects.NET with Oracle. If you're planning to use NativeOracle driver, ODP.NET should also be installed
  • Firebird Client and Firebird .NET Data Provider (1.6.3 or higher) should be installed in order to use DataObjects.NET with Firebird
  • MaxDB\SAP DB ODBC driver should be installed in order to use DataObjects.NET with MaxDB\SAP DB. Note that there are several versions of this driver corresponding to MaxDB\SAP DB v.7.4.X. Most recent drivers use "SAP DB" driver name, but some former versions used another name - "SAP DB 7.4". DataObjects.NET expects that driver name is "SAP DB"