Debreate - Debian Package Builder 0.7.13      

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Release Date:   2017-01-12

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OS:  Debian/Ubuntu Linux

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Software Product Description

Debreate is a utility to aid in creating installable Debian packages (.deb). The goal behind the project is to make developing for Debian based Linux distributions more appealing, with an easy to use interface for packaging applications, artwork, media, themes, etc.

Currently, it only supports "binary" packaging which allows packaging of anything that does not require being compiled from source, such as scripted applications or media. These packages can then be used for personal distribution.

Plans for using backends such as dh_make & debuild for creating source packages are in the works. But source packaging can be quite different & is a must if you want to get your packages into a distribution┬┤s official repositories or a Launchpad Personal Package Archive (PPA).

System Requirements:

A Debian/Ubuntu based Linux distribution is recommended for installing the Debian package (.deb). Other Unix-like systems can download and extract to contents of the portable tarball archive (.tar.xz).

For Debreate to run correctly the following software must be installed on the system:

  • Python (v2.7)
  • wxPython (python-wxgtk3.0 or python-wxgtk2.8)
  • dpkg
  • fakeroot
  • debianutils
  • util-linux
  • file

The following software packages are recommended:

  • lintian
  • coreutils
  • xdg-utils
  • man-db
  • gzip
  • gdebi (or gdebi-kde)
  • gvfs-bin