Deceit 4.0.4      

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Release Date:   2017-11-30

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OS:  Windows 7/8/10 (64-Bit)

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Reviewed on November 30, 2017

Making video games scary is tough. Sure, you can go with jump scares - everything from Resident Evil to Five Nights at Freddy's has thrived on this cheap mechanic. Figuring out something that's truly frightening, though, is rare. While some games have managed to do this by creating a truly terrifying atmosphere, the attempts are more successful when the game leverages the fear of the unknown. Not knowing when the monster is around the corner is scary, but not knowing if the person next to you is the monster? That's terrifying. That is exactly the kind of fear that Deceit attempts to leverage.

Master Class in Tension

This game riffs on horror staples like The Thing to ratchet up tension in the world of the game. Deceit places you on a team of six people, two of whom are secretly infected with a horrible virus. Your team must work together to complete objectives and escape for most of the game, but periodic blackouts allow the infected team members to unleash their true forms and attempt to stop your progress. It's a tense, fantastic jaunt into territory that isn't often explored in games but that is nonetheless a perfect fit for the FPS genre.

Deceit's core mechanic is definitely worth exploring. Keeping the status of a third of the players hidden in order to spring the trap is an amazing master class in tension, especially if you really don't know who the bad guys are. Figuring out who to trust and, almost more importantly, when to be selfish is a blast in this game. There are a few others that have tried the same kind of mechanics, but the horror elements injected into Deceit definitely help this game stand out. It's the kind of hook that really needs to be seen more in multiplayer games.

Some Players May Ruin the Experience

There is the usual assortment of free to play bugs in the game, but that's not what's so problematic about Deceit. Instead, the real problems center around the game's community. Everything in the game should center around the mystery of figuring out who is infected, but Steam parties and streamers make it hard for that mystery to hold up. Even worse are those who have no desire to play the game as intended, but who would rather turn the first minutes of each map into a gory kill-fest. It might be fun once or twice, but being unable to play the game as designed is definitely a flaw worth mentioning.

Fun Game That Can Be Truly Amazing

Deceit is a great study in group dynamics. When everything goes according to plan, the game is a must-play adventure. Unfortunately, the sheer number of trolls and griefers in the game can make it nigh on unplayable. This doesn't suggest that you should skip the game entirely, but rather that you should understand that good games are the exception rather than the rule. If this game could get some tighter community policing and a bit more exposure, you'd absolutely be looking at a hit. As it is, it's a fun game that sometimes becomes something that is truly astounding.

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A multiplayer first-person shooter.