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Release Date:   2019-04-15

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Reviewed on April 15, 2019

Scan your website to locate broken links, missing images and many other common HTML issues.

Quickly edit the pages from within the program

Ensure that your visitors keep coming back to your website with a simple check by DeepTrawl to enable you to correct those errors - and, let's face it, we all make them - that put people off.

We all know that error-ridden web pages and broken links drive away visitors. Both HTML errors and hyperlinks are time-consuming to continually check for manually. A free HTML validator and broken link checker can really help you out.

You decide the checks you want DeepTrawl to perform

Download and install the free software and launch to the web browser-like interface. You simply type the website address into the input bar and click the Start button. The key difference between a web browser search engine results and DeepTrawl's interface is that your search results are all the errors found on the website.

The interface has a menu bar with Control, Settings, Results, View and Help tabs. Beneath this, there is a convenient toolbar for the most often used menu items. Alongside the website input bar, there is a Scope bar where you can refine your search to sub-domains, specific pages and directories, etc.

The main window contains a Check tab and an Errors tab. The Check tab lists the Checks with switches to turn the defaults on or off and other Checks can be added. Alongside each item, you'll find checkboxes and drop down menus for further selection. For example, under validate HTML you can specify the version used and under spelling, the specific English dictionary spelling. A Settings button within the hyperlink validator allows you to specify error types, loading times and error codes returned.

Open all HTML & CSS and/or Create filtered errors tabs can be set using the Add icon next to the Errors tab.

Easily check the errors returned by the broken link checker and HTML validator

Once the scan has begun, the program switches to the error window and lists the errors found, keeping you informed of the progress made through the site. Options are provided for each type of error. You can view the highlighted error in the integrated HTML editor, click Info for more information or Ignore in which case, the error will be ignored in future trawls - although this can be changed in the Settings menu. You are also provided with an 'Add to Dictionary' option in case of spelling "errors" which actually pertain to place names and colloquialisms, etc.

Beneath each page returned, you'll find options to View in Editor, Preview, and other actions specific to the error category.

Fix errors and save the corrected file for uploading

The HTML editor opens in a separate window. You are provided with the menu options and tools expected in an HTML editor, including a Preview button. The specific errors are all highlighted and easy to find. The errors are itemized in a panel beneath the workspace along with the Options specific to that particular error as provided in the Errors panel.

The tabs on the menu bar provide many additional options. You can save settings, schedule automatic testing, save specific settings in individual profiles and much more. In addition to performing as a broken link checker and HTML validator, DeepTrawl enables you to check your entire website for incorrect spelling, missing images, scripts and script files, i.e., CSS, JS, iframes, etc., font files and meta tag errors. Despite the in-depth searching, the program is fast, making it invaluable to anyone maintaining large or multiple websites. There's even a turbo mode for faster searching.

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Make your website error-free with this free tool.