DesktopXrganizer v1.3      

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Release Date:   2007-11-26

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Software Product Description

If your desktop is filled with many different kind of Files, Icons, Directories and Shortcuts then DesktopXrganizer is made for you! In seconds, it will verify all the file types on your desktop and will move them into folders by type (image, video, executable, etc.). This action can be UNDONE.

It will also give you the possibility to delete files by looking when was the last time it was accessed by date determined by the user (like 1 week behind or 6 month behind). You have the possibility to determinate what you want to do with the deleted files. Like moving them to the recycle bin, to a special folder or to ask before deleting. Also it is possible to delete broken shortcuts and empty folders.

The folders created by DesktopXrganizer have special icons (picture and name of the extension type), so you can locate all your files in each folder created for that type (image, video, executable, etc.). The user can edit and change the category names in More Settings (double click on the name of the folder). Also in More Settings, you will be able to select extensions for each folder. For example: "picture_files" folder receives files such as jpg, bmp, GIF and other image formats.

In summary, the program is excellent for users who usually save his files desktop with great frequency and great amount. DesktopXrganizer will also allow you to SAVE/RESTORE your current desktop icon position (if someone messed it up you can restore it).

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework.


"Nice and easy"

Reviewer: -Morgan J.

Review Date: 2007-01-07

Pros: None

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Other Thoughts: Well, I use it mostly to save my desktop icons positions since my wife usually mess it up :) So I restore it later..
Generally its a really nice tool!

Morgan J.


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