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Release Date:   2010-08-29  | Changelog

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OS:  Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3/Vista/7

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Software Product Description

DesyEdit is a powerful and useful editor for Windows. It also offers many powerful features for programming languages such as C/C++, Java, SQL, HTML, with syntax highlighting.

DesyEdit is not only use small system resources but also load fast, so it can serve as a good replacement for Notepad.

DesyEdit offers Column editing, Integrated HEX editing, syntax highlighting, project support, macro recording, FTP support and so on.

In addition, DesyEdit is 100% universal freeware.


  • Fast loading time - DesyEdit is not only use small system resources but also load fast.
  • Edit multiple documents
    • switch between documents using file selection tab.
    • ctrl+Tab brings the last accessed document to topmost.
  • Auto-detection file format - If you open file written in different O/S(Windows, Unix, Mac), DesyEdit will detect O/S. Also can conversion each other.
  • HEX edit - You can edit binary file using DesyEdit's HEX mode. Also support Undo/Redo in binary mode.
  • FTP client - You can edit and save files directly from the FTP.
  • Column mode editing
    • switch between column mode and line mode.
    • edit rectangular selections.
  • Macro recording and playback - You can save several macros and edit their keyboard shorcuts for the next use.
  • Print & Print preview - You can preview and print.
  • Find & Replace - You can replace specified text one by one, or as a whole.
  • Bookmarks - User can select bookmark command to toggle a book mark.
  • Syntax highlighting
    • You can edit various source code.
    • It support C/C++, Java, HTML, SQL, ASP, JSP, PHP, XML and so on. Also You can make user-defined highlighter.
  • Document Fomat conversion - You can easy convert to upper case, to lower case, invert case, tab to space, space to tab.
  • Internal File Browser - DesyEdit contains Internal File Browser.
  • Other useful features - Print all open window, read only mode, insert date, auto-selection, move, ASCII tables, full screen mode, always on top

What's New in version 3.5:

  • fixed word wrap mode bug in Unicode file


"Clearly a novice program"

Reviewer: -Gorlash

Review Date: 2011-06-06

Pros: surprisingly broad functionality for a prototype editor.

Cons: many spelling errors in dialogs, font rendering is incorrect (at least with a couple of fonts that I tested), causing character clipping and other display anomalies. Help-menu links don't work (actually, no help files appear to be available in the portable distribution that I looked at). Bookmarks do not save cursor position at time of save, so current line after restore will be either top or bottom of screen, which is not as useful as actually restoring the screen that was bookmarked. The bug-report support forum on DesyEdit website contains one message, dated 2008, with no responses, suggesting there won't be much support for this tool.

Other Thoughts: With some more mileage on it, this could turn out to be a very powerful programmers editor - though the absence of activity on the support website suggests this is not likely to happen.


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