Diary Book 1.9      

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Release Date:   2005-09-17

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Software Product Description

Why Diary Book? The Diary Book, as the name implies, is software for those who wish to keep a journal, a diary of daily life. The author's goal when writing this software was to make the traditional way we keep a diary even better by utilizing the power of today's modern computers.

Not only does the software include a text editor, but also an event reminder, address book, an alarm, picture manager, built-in mailer, HTML & Web Diary and To-Do List. These additional features make the Diary Book much more useful to busy people.


"Somewhat flawed"

Reviewer: -anonymous

Review Date: 2008-09-29

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: i find that the general interface of the program to be a bit cluttered. There are too many tabs and icons on such a small window.

However I like the interface options for the journal part of the program. There is the option of having lines like in a notebook, which I thought was quite neat. Makes it feel like you are writing in an actual journal.

On a side note, the save button does not work sometiems resulting in the restart of the program. In conclusion though, this program packs quite a few nifty things like an alarm, a to-do list, address book, diary. For a free software it's quite worth investing into.


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