What's New in version 5.2.0:

  • After a second release 5.1.0 published one month ago, the digiKam team is proud to announce the new release 5.2.0 of digiKam Software Collection. This version introduces a new bugs triage and some fixes following new feedback from end-users.
  • This release introduce also a new red eyes tool which automatize the red-eyes effect reduction process. Faces detection is processed on whole image and a new algorithm written by a Google Summer of Code 2016 student named Omar Amin is dedicated to recognize shapes and try to found eyes with direct flash reflection on retina.
  • This new tool is available in Image Editor and also in Batch Queue Manager to be able to process a set of photos at the same time. The algorithm have been very optimized for speed efficiency and for small memory fingerprint. End user can adjust just a single parameter about the reducing level of retina red color to the average of blue and green channels. The default threshold have been tested successfully with a trial and error basis from a large data-set of images. So typically, no user interaction are need with this new version of this tool compared to older one, where no red eyes detection was performed, and a lots of manual settings was required to process this kind of correction.

What's New in version 5.1.0:

  • A consolidation of Mysql database interface has been continued. Some optimizations have been introduced to speed-up startup operation, especially to delay the scan from new items after the main interface initialization. Also the option to enable or disable the scan for new items at startup is back in Setup/Miscs dialog page.

What's New in version 5.0.0:

  • Port to Qt5 and KF5
  • Replacing digiKam KIOSlaves by a multi-threaded interface to query the database
  • Add embedded trash support for each collection instead desktop trash
  • Thumbs and preview video support is now delegate to QT5Multimedia framework
  • Mysql internal server is now configurable as Sqlite to store database files at a customized place
  • Mysql internal/remote server is now configurable with first run assistant
  • Add a new batch queue manager tool to convert RAW files to DNG
  • Add a new batch queue manager tool to adjust time and date metadata
  • Add a new option in editor and light table to import images from a digital scanner
  • Add a new option in editor and light table to edit metadata
  • Add a new option in editor and light table to edit geolocation
  • Add a new option in editor and light table to run presentation tool
  • Add a new editor tool to perform color change based on Lut3D
  • Add a new tool in camera import interface to convert RAW files to DNG
  • and much more