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The Digital DJ is a program which can be used by DJ's, bands or Dance Venues to organize and play music for Ballroom, Swing, Country Latin, Tango and similar dance styles.

The Digital DJ Dance Manager in addition to playing music has an extremely flexible database and can manage a multimedia presentation as well as possessing a variety of automated announcement and display features. The Digital DJ is completely free and is written by a dancer/programmer for social dancers.

The Digital DJ Dance manager is completely free and free updates can be found at the bottom of the media page of there are no hidden costs or agendas.

The Digital DJ also includes a fully illustrated instruction manual. The manual also gives detailed instructions about how to implement an economical multimedia setup if desired. This program is provided to promote the availability of economic quality dancing everywhere.

Suggestions are welcomed and regular updates are posted at the bottom of the MEDIA page of Thank you and we hope you will enjoy this program.


"Digital DJ Dance Manager ver.05-02"

Reviewer: -Polyprogrammer

Review Date: 2012-05-08

Pros: This program is not version 1.0 but actually version 2012-05-02 for clarity and the ability for everyone to know that they have the latest update available from this web site. This is designed for the serious DANCE community. Ths program is a multi-Database orented system. with a great deal of flexability in setting up and operating it.

Cons: Since The Digital DJ Dance manager is capable of operating 5 independant displays it is useful to get the recommended USB interfaces as well as some additional displays for a really good experience in using this program. This program is not a "Disco" system and is not designed to be used for that type of "monosylibic" music playing.

Other Thoughts: Be sure to check this web site regularly for updates which may show up as frequently as issues are fixed and features are added. Requests are always thoughtfully considered and often added in future updates.


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