What's New in version 4.861:

  • Scripts are correctly located if the folder being searched is a network address and the script has a relative file location.
  • Folders can be dropped onto the 'Folders, Files' page, which will replace the existing selected folder. A successful folder drop will also add the folder to the drop-down list.
  • Previously added date modified strings are restored when the program is restarted

What's New in version 4.86:

  • Added a dialog that gives the option of exploring batch/vbs files after they are created
  • Moved /FILE_MATCHES_... script sections to a new help page
  • Added a NO_CODE-DIRHTML option for file matches, which enables code insertion to be skipped for specific matching file types
  • Added folder table, anchor table, and file anchor row equivalents of /FILE_MATCHES... sections
  • Fixed a /FILE_MATCHES... bug exemplified by /*.*|*.*|*.*, which would triple the inserted code for all files

What's New in version 4.857:

  • The 'Restore english defaults' button always has a tooltip in english
  • Limiting links by file size is now possible
  • 'FILE_SIZES' variable added
  • Dutch translation added

What's New in version 4.8561:

  • "Process files in the root folder..." is working correctly when the folder uses a relative (e.g. drive-less) referernce
  • 'DAY' variables are working correctly in /START sections
  • Date Modified dates are being parsed correctly; When any date is unparsable, all Date Modified settings are ignored

What's New in version 4.856:

  • German translation added, french translation updated
  • New xml sections added to all xml files reflecting new or changed user interface items.
  • Miscellaneous page reformatted
  • Added help text to static items on the Files, Folder page
  • Folder as well as files have fully qualified links when the setting is selected
  • /FILE_MATCHES_INSIDE_A sections are working correctly
  • All /FILE_MATCHES sections support F, F_PATH, NO_EXT_FNAME and RELATIVE_PATH variables
  • /FILE_MATCHES_INSIDE_A and /FILE_MATCHES_BEFORE_A no longer automatically insert a space before the html code
  • F_PATH_2SLASH, 2SLASHDIR, 2FSLASHDIR and F_PATH use fully qualified file paths if "Fully qualified links" is selected

What's new in version 4.855:

  • 'ROOT_FOLDER' variables work in /HEAD script sections (which is useful for linking to style sheets in the root folder in a many file build)
  • When the default root anchor word is blank, no anchor will be generated for the root folder and no row will be generated for the root in the file table
  • The initial display font is slightly larger
  • Non-ANSI characters are translated with 'C2 prefixes for UTF builds (for example would be translated to 'C2'A2 instead of 'A2). This was done primarily to achieve compatibility with Apache Lucene.
  • /FILE_PREFIX is reset to blank when an .init file is opened
  • 'MONTH_NUM' variable added
  • Added a new help page that lists all script sections and variables

What's New in version 4.854:

  • Listed files can be limited by date modified
  • 'DATE_MODIFIED' variable added

What's New in version 4.853:

  • Network shares no longer need to be mapped to a drive letter, and can take the form \\server\folder

What's New in version 4.851:

  • Dates can have no field separator;
  • /ANCHOR and /ANCHOR_BEFORE script sections can include COLUMNS variables;
  • The 24-hour time option has been replaced with a drop-down list;
  • New script sections (intended to be used in conjunction with javascript/perl/php) added: /DATE_BEFORE_TEXT, /DATE_AFTER_TEXT, /TIME_BEFORE_TEXT, /TIME_AFTER_TEXT;
  • A Notepad++ dirhtml keywords text file has been added (for those who already have a UserDefinedLang.xml file or prefer to enter the keywords manually);
  • New variables: ANCHOR_TOTAL_SIZE, ANCHOR_TOTAL_FILES, which allow statistics to be shown for anchors;
  • New sections: /ANCHOR_A, /FOLDER_A, which allow links in their respective tables to be uniquely styled without cloning entire table css's (previously, the easiest way to accomplish this was to have non-named table css and define just anchor-table TD A {} & etc.);
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the program to hang if /ANCHOR_BEFORE was defined and only one matching file was found;
  • Fixed a very serious unicode bug which prevented scripts from being read if the script or dirhtml.exe was in a non-ANSI pathname

What's New in version 4.85:

  • Dirhtml pages now have individual icons
  • Italiam translation added
  • .init/.ini and generated html files no longer use use unix-style line markers
  • The file table header is suppressed if "suppress headers" is selected
  • Fixed an issue relating to saving/restoring fonts
  • New script sections added which enable customizable per file-type links: /FILE_MATCHES_TD, /FILE_MATCHES_A, /FILE_MATCHES_BEFORE_A, /FILE_MATCHES_INSIDE_A