Dirty Bomb      

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Release Date:   2017-09-14

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Reviewed on September 14, 2017

Shooters have been evolving in a number of different directions. For the most part, those directions have involved becoming a little simpler in able to include more players. Whether that means making it easier to identify classes or adding more aim assist, the modern shooter is a far cry from what came before. There are still those who don't love this change, though, hoping for the tougher, less inclusive shooters of the past. For fans of that kind of game, it's best to look at those released by smaller publishers. One such game that is sure to appeal to old-school fans is Dirty Bomb.

FPS Throwback in the Best Way

Dirty Bomb puts players in competitive, objective-based first person shooter matches. It feels very much like some of the classics from the late 90s and the early 2000s, both in terms of both the controls and the difficulties. This is a game that absolutely refuses to hold anyone's hands, even to the point where it proudly refuses to offer controller support. This will alienate some players, but it's very appealing to a certain type of hardcore shooter fan. Given that it embraces old-school tropes, it's not surprising that the pros and cons line up with what worked in most older games.

This game is a throwback in the best way. It's a pure skill shooter, with no real gimmicks of which to speak. If you remember the days of games like the original Team Fortress or Quake Arena, you'll probably feel at home here. Every game is paced well and really depends on the skills of the players to get moving. There are few cheap victories and most players will feel like they're treated fairly if they are in the middle of a well-balanced match. With relatively few microtransactions of note, it's a good throwback to how shooters used to be.

There are definitely some issues that don't work, though. Perhaps the biggest issues players tend to have is in terms of balance. The match-making in the game isn't great, which can lead to some intolerable matches. This is fine if you're on a team stacked with experienced players, but not so great if you're on the other side. The game simply lacks the sophisticated match-making process that most shooter fans are used to. Coupled with the lack of restrictions on class in a game and those who have more experience with the latest meta will always be on the team that wins.


Dirty Bomb is a good, if not great, shooter. It's a throwback in both good and bad ways, so it's really going to appeal most to people who look fondly on most of the older shooters on the market. This isn't a game for fans of Overwatch or TF2, but it is a great game for those who loved the predecessors to those games. There's still room for simple shooters on the PC, especially for those who want something a bit more hardcore than most developers are willing to offer. Don't expect miracles here, but do expect a visceral experience.

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A competitive team based first person shooter.