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 Reviewed on August 26, 2016

Being able to connect with friends and other players is part of what makes video games so enjoyable. The problem, however, is that voice chat options suitable for gamers aren't usually free, and those that are typically lack many vital functions. If you're looking to easily chat with your friends while gaming with no cost or hassle, you should check out an app called Discord.

Using Discord

Because it doesn't require a complicated setup, Discord takes less than a minute to download, install, and get going. If you prefer, you can run this voice chat app in your browser. Whether you have a guild or just want to chat with a small group of friends, you can use Discord to make managing your server more streamlined.

If you've tried other chat apps before, you've probably run into problems with sound quality or connection issues. Discord's high quality, clear audio is one of its best features. Noise suppression, echo cancellation, and a high tech jitter buffer all come standard with the app and make using it a pleasure.

Another important feature of Discord is how secure it is. You can send messages without worry, block the servers and messages of users you don't want to see, and control who can directly message you. The voice chat app also keeps your IP address safe by using an encrypted server, cloud based Erlang backend, and DDoS safeguards coupled with automatic server failover.

Discord can run on your smartphone, desktop PC, mobile device, or in-browser, making it incredibly versatile. Since it's designed to work well for gamers, it won't slow down your CPU and cause lags and crashes.

You'll also have the option to use Discord's overlay, which enables you to easily see chat messages and change settings, channels, and servers without missing any gaming action. As if these features weren't enough, Discord can be used to embed just about any type of media into your chats, including pictures, links, and video clips.


What's most impressive about Discord is the number of excellent features it has that are all available for free, including many that services like TeamSpeak and Skype don't have. Discord has so many advantages over the alternatives that it's definitely worth a try. The free voice chat app is not only handy for those who like to stay connected, it's an efficient tool that helps take each gaming experience to the next level.

Software Product Description

All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers.