Dont Blame the Cat! v1.0      

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Release Date:   2015-07-24

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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Software Product Description

You may wonder about the name, but Don't Blame the Cat is a small application that is designed to enhance your images by adding features like watermarks easily. This is a single-file application that requires no installation and does not make any changes to the registry.

You can load an image you already have on your computer or use the application to capture a window or the screen. It gives you four different ways of loading images, including:

  • Copying and pasting a picture onto the application window
  • Copying and pasting an image file onto the application's shortcut
  • Dragging and dropping a picture onto the application or its shortcut
  • Setting the application to watch the Clipboard for copied images

If you copy a file that is not a picture, the application will display its name in the caption window. If it is an image file, the application displays it proportionally on the top left corner of its interface by default. However, you may choose to resize it to viewed size, expand it to fit the application window, show full-size image or center it.

If you choose to show a full-size image but it is larger than the application window, scrollbars will appear to help you move it. However, it does not normally display an image that is larger than the application window unless you have selected the option to expand image to fit.

You can replace the original text by double-clicking on it and typing whatever you want. Please note that it's what you type that will appear the next time you launch the application.

You access all the options via the context menu when you right-click inside the application window. However, you can perform some actions using a combination of the keyboard and mouse. For example, holding the ctrl key and dragging an edge of the text box changes its size while dragging within the box moves it to a different position.

You can undo up to the last 10 changes you have made. Once you are satisfied, you can save your new image using default settings.

The Unicode application is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows.