Doomsday Engine      

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Release Date:   2021-08-08

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Software Product Description

Doomsday Engine is an improved source port that supports such games as Hexen, Heretic and DOOM. The engine takes advantage of modern technologies and techniques like client/server networking and accelerated 3D with a special emphasis on stunning graphics that make original games more presentable. It features a modular architecture that separates the game logic from various subsystems used, including network, audio and the renderer. This allows different game logic modules to use a common engine.

Doomsday Engine is intended to support all the classic 2.5D shooter games. The project has been under development since May 1999. Its highlights include custom episodes, MAPINFO support and improved BSP builder.

Its main features include:

  • 3D models for world objects
  • Dynamic shadowing effects for the objects
  • Dynamic lights
  • Dynamic ambient occlusion
  • Automatic world surface decorations
  • Environmental mapping effects
  • Smart texture filtering
  • OpenGL-based renderer
  • MIDI playback with SF2 soundfonts
  • Environmental reverb and echo effects
  • 3D sound stage
  • Runtime sound effect resampling
  • Doomsday shell tool
  • Standalone lightweight server
  • Automatic server discovery
  • TCP-based client/server networking
  • Plugin-based extensible architecture

Once you have installed the engine, you can configure it and start a game in different ways depending on your operating system. The Defaults profile is selected when you start the launcher for the first time, but the play button is disabled in this profile. Select your preferred game profile and check the summary page to ensure that everything is configured properly. The engine will start when you press the play button.

The multiplayer engine allows other clients to join games that are already in progress, and it can accommodate up to 15 player games. It features player movement prediction for a smoother gaming experience as well as in-game chat and server management.

The cross-platform engine is compatible with Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS X.