Dragme IDE for C Language 2.0      

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Reviewed on August 31, 2018

Drag and drop to develop programs in C language

Drag::me IDE makes creating C language programs straightforward and just about foolproof. It provides a highly visual integrated development environment (IDE) for both novice and experienced programmers to develop source code for C programs, tools, and utilities.

Used globally for both learning and developing software code educationally and commercially, Drag::me IDE is easily installed and provides a comprehensive user interface with intuitive commands. A visual IDE for C language, the application uses block drag and drop technology to enable anybody to develop custom applications and develop confidence in themselves by doing so.

Develop and run C programs

Downloaded and installed, Drag::me IDE launches to a splash screen with 'Open Playground,' 'Open Codeground' and 'Exit' options. Both the Playground and the Codeground are accessible from each other's main screen.

The Playground - the drag and drop editor - main screen displays 'Blocks', 'Code,' 'Load,' 'Help' and 'Codeground' buttons in the menu bar.

The Codeground - source code editor - main screen contains 'Playground,' 'Clear' and 'Run' options.

The Playground

  • Blocks - click to access a block type that can be used to develop your proposed application. Categories are Control, Input/Output, Variables, Text, Logic, and Math.
  • Code - access this section to observe the impact of the new block on the project.
  • Load - opens a menu of sample applications, starting with the very simple 'Hello World' for new learners.
  • Help - takes you to the Help page where your questions about Drag::me IDE for C language are answered.

The Codeground

For the use of the experienced or professional programmer, any type of application can be developed and experimented with in the Codeground You are able to write totally unlimited amounts of code instead of being limited to the provided blocks. Experiment, solve problems, or use this area of Drag::me IDE as an aid to teaching C language.

Educational Use

Drag::me IDE is valuable in the educational area for teaching both children and adults the basics of programming. Students can use the sample applications in the Load menu to practice with and may access Code to observe how the blocks of code he adds to his project impact on the result. Using a visual IDE for C language creation lets children interact with source code and learn computer programming.

As a visual-based integrated development environment Drag::me IDE is a great resource for learning and developing skill in C language programming simply by dragging and dropping blocks into the screen. At the other end of the spectrum, use of the Codeground is convenient for professional programmers to quickly create or modify applications at the source code level. Windows 7 or higher is required as is the Java Runtime Environment.

Software Product Description

Easy to use visual IDE for C programming language designed as an educational tool to teach students how to program in C.


"Best visual based ide"

Reviewer: -Alex

Review Date: 2019-02-12

Pros: First visual based ide for c language. Fast, Sppeddy ide

Cons: Need JRE to run.

Other Thoughts: None


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