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Whatever your reasons are for wanting to draw female anime characters, DrawWiz will make the process easy for you. You do not need any professional graphics knowledge to use the program to make a unique cartoon of almost any type of woman to communicate the mood you want. It is just a matter of mixing and matching elements and making some adjustments.

Using DrawWiz

The program comes with many pre-drawn elements that make it easy to start drawing. We could choose many little characteristics to make unique drawings, including the styles of cloth and hair as well as shapes of mouth, nose and eyes among others.

The program had more than 120 character templates, some of which pictured specific situations such as eating, cooking and shopping. Although there were many characters to choose from, we did not take long to find the ones that matched our requirements. If you are adventurous and would like to try different effects, then you will obviously take more time, but it is easy to mix and match features.

Adding or replacing features to drawings is easy, and you can customize your drawing by adjusting small details like jaw shapes, lip styles or even eyebrow angle to portray different moods. You can also change the background theme and ink color. The paper-like backgrounds simulate drawings made on notebooks.

The shapes of the mouth and eyes helped us to convey a wide variety of emotions, from anger to happiness to fatigue. We could even add details like plasters, scars and tears to drive home the message we wanted.

You can use DrawWiz in two different modes: classic drawing or anime style. The drawing mode you choose will determine the characters you get, including body models and styles of clothing. This allows you to make your drawings either as realistic or funny as you like.

Once we had completed our drawings as we wanted, we saved them as image files.


DrawWiz is a user-friendly female cartoon avatar maker that allows anyone to create anime characters of professional quality. You can use it as a fun way of keeping your own personal journal or communicating with others.

Software Product Description

DrawWiz is the easiest way to create a female cartoon avatar.

What's New in version 1.7.6:

  • Improved bubble text clarity for easier reading;
  • Improved edge anti-aliasing of the images for high-quality image.
  • Other bugs fixes.


"From excited to very disapointed"

Reviewer: -Jim Hill

Review Date: 2016-01-01

Pros: Sounds good for creating a character...

Cons: Only female.... really... ???

Other Thoughts: I was excited, I have been looking for a program that could make people for non-artists like myself. But my excitement turned to disappointment, then anger when I found out that you could only make girls. How dumb!


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