Drive Manager 4.20      

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Release Date:   2012-06-25

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Software Product Description

Drive Manager makes it easy to retrieve drive information for all your drives at a glance. It runs as a standalone EXE file and displays Label, Type, Size, Used, Available, Format, Serial number and Percentage free for each local and removable drive. The information is refreshed every 10 seconds - double-clicking opens the drive in Windows Explorer. You can also hide drives from explorer.


  • % Free column.
  • Hard disk serial number
  • CD ROM Doors open + close.
  • Lock / Unlock CD ROM / DVD drives.
  • Not mounted drives listed in grey with disks not inserted.
  • Time and date.
  • Map / Disconnect network drives.
  • Hide / Unhide drives from explorer.
  • See drives which are hidden.
  • Drive properties dialog on right click.
  • Create / Remove a substitute drive letter for a local folder.
  • Hidden drives displayed in blue.
  • Launch Windows Search
  • Drives with less than 5% available are displayed in red.
  • Vendor details: Vendor Name, Product Id, Revision, Vendor Spec


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Review Date: 2018-11-05

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Other Thoughts: Does not list Mac formatted discs.


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