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Software Product Description

Does your computer have multiple drives and you would like to have better control over them than you get from using Microsoft Windows? Then Drive-thru is the tool you need to manage all your storage devices, even if they are not hard drives.

The software features a simple user interface that is divided into several parts. On the left section are tabs for accessing different functions and tools, such as drive security, drive substitution, CD/DVD tools and drive configuration.

When you click the Drive Security tab, you will see lists of drives in three categories respectively named Hide, Lock and Disallow Autorun. Each category lists 26 drive letters, from A to Z, with each drive having a check box next to it. On the lower part of the categories are buttons for selecting either all drives or none.

The categories are self-explanatory. You can hide some drives to protect sensitive data from prying eyes, lock others to prevent unauthorized access or prevent some types of drives and disc partitions from running automatically, which is important for security purposes.

You can use the software to create ISO files from different DVDs and CDs. When you have a relevant program, you can mount the ISO files without loading discs onto your computer. You can also manage your discs in different ways, such as adjusting drive information, changing write protection or even removing hardware from your system.

Once you have made the configurations you want, simply click the Apply Changes button.

The lower part of the user interface displays some details about your system, including memory usage, level of power and uptime.



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