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Release Date:   2019-04-19

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Reviewed on August 02, 2018

We've all have had this issue before. You need to update your drivers, but don't know where to start. Either spend time looking for the right driver for your computer for hours or give up. Luckily, DriverHub makes updating drivers easy.

Quick and Easy

Updating drivers with driver updater is fast. It only takes minutes to update your drivers. Simply download the program and install it. Then, press the 'Find Now' button. In just a few seconds the application will bring up all available device drivers. All you have to do is click install, sit back, and relax, while this free driver update utility does all of the work for you.

It's Safe

A significant problem with Driver Update Services like DriverHub is that you don't know where the drivers are coming from, or if they're even safe for your computer. DriverHub ONLY gets drivers from your PC Manufacturer, Microsoft, and your CPU, GPU, audio device, and network device manufacturer. See all of the details with the advanced mode. Before you install, change to the advanced mode with the switch below the install button. Then you can see exactly where your drivers are coming from, and when they were first available.

Easy Recovery

Drivers aren't perfect. Anybody who's updated drivers with Windows Update feature knows this. Drivers can make your different devices stop working after a particular bad update, but DriverHub makes restoring drivers easy. Simply go to the recovery tab and find the driver you want to repair, and click restore. After a couple of seconds, your driver is completely restored, and you can get back to what you needed to do.

It's Your Complete PC Performance Tool

DriverHub is committed to making your PC run the best it can. Under 'Useful Programs' you can find many things to check up on, and once it's done, you'll have a PC that runs as good as new.


With all of these features, how much does it cost? It's free, and will always be. DriverHub is the complete solution for Windows PC Drivers and Performance help. Avoid looking for hours for the right driver, instead, use this excellent driver update app.

Software Product Description

Update your device drivers with this easy to use utility.


""Wow" is right!"

Reviewer: -Alan Masterman

Review Date: 2018-08-14

Pros: I like the way it downloads the drivers from the OEM website, rather than relying on its own driver database. As the main article says, this guarantees the pedigree of the files. It also guarantees that you really are getting the latest version. I like the clean, neat, no-nonsense interface which offers genuine one-click operation. With other updaters you usually find they are hobbled in some way, eg you have to download and instal the drivers one by one, or maybe there's a limit on how many you can do in one session. DriverHub allows you to download and instal EVERYTHING - in my case, 17 drivers - as a single operation. ALL of the files are downloaded and installed simultaneously. And it automatically suppresses all of the usual prompts, such as license agreements, or "Reboot to complete installation". You don't see them. There was one final prompt to reboot after everything was installed, as is only to be expected, but apart from that I saw only two prompts during the whole exercise, and they were from Windows, querying a couple of unsigned files. As you can probably guess, the whole operation was over and done with in a fraction of the time it would take with any other program. In the Advanced view, I noticed also that DriverHub may recommend installing a driver which isn't the very latest version, but is later than the one you have. I assume it's recognising that sometimes, with an older piece of hardware, you are actually better off settling for an intermediate update, rather than the very latest version which could turn out to be slightly less compatible. There are no nag screens, and no advertising (at least, none that I've seen so far).

Cons: None at all. Zippo. Zilch.

Other Thoughts: I've been trying hard to find something wrong with this application, and I can't. This is a fine piece of software. I've tried a lot of driver update programs, and this one is so far ahead of the field it's out of sight.


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