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More and more people start using mediaplayers to watch movies. People create more home movies now than ever before, they download a lot more than before and they want to be able to use their computer to watch all this. But at the same time they don't want to use hour upon hours on how to make this possible. We, the developers of the tools they need take for granted that all people have at least some basic knowledge about all this. They don't!

Easy-Data with my new player EDM2014 Video does try to take this problem seriously. I will try to explain how. First of all, EDM2014 does not need any codecs to be downloaded and installed onto the users computer. It has all the codecs needed built-in and supports all well known (and also most other) video formats on the marked today. You can start a movie by clicking the play button, double click a movie in windows explorer or simply by drag/drop a movie file onto the player. So every possible way is supported for maximum ease. Even the control buttons for the player is created to be as easy to understand as possible. Ask your parents what a typical play/pause/next/previous button is in windows mediaplayer, and you will be surprised on how many don't have a clue. This is why EDM2014 Video has ordinary buttons with caption telling what it does. This way everyone understand. OK, it may look a bit outdated this way but it is understandable for all. And when it comes to the point, you are not going to look at the buttons, you are going to watch a movie!

EDM2014 Video does not require a fast modern computer to work. It does not install anything into the windows operating system, nor do it write anything to the registry part of windows. It is in fact 100% portable, and is delivered with an install/uninstall tool. The only reason for this is to make it as easy as possible for all people. EDM2014 Video uses similar shortcuts as most of the well known players. Yet another try to get it as userfriendly as possible.

Now, the really cool thing about this player is that even if it is made to be as easy as possible, it still have lots of functions for the more geeky ones out there. Like torrent search and download, video debugger tool, movie slide creator +++.

No matter how simple a mediaplayer is there will always be certain tasks that need quite a bit of knowledge. Lets take a look at subtitles. First of all you have to know there is something called subtitles. Then, where and how to find this on the net. Next up would be to download this subtitle file, usually they are packed either with WinZip or WinRar witch brings the user to yet another problem. At least if he/she don't know what a .rar or .zip file is. Finally you do need to know where to save that file, and also make sure the filename is an exact match of the original video filename. You get my drift?

Even here the EDM2014 Video does its best to help out. Just start a movie, then from the menu select search for subtitle. The player will lookup the subtitle needed on the web, and all you as the user need to do is to select witch language you want, and download. When the subtitle file is downloaded, all the user needs to do is to drag/drop the downloaded file onto the player, and it does the rest for you. If it is zipp'ed or rar'ed does not matter. EDM2014 will unpack the file, copy it into the movie folder, make sure the filenames are correct, and finally restart the video with the new subtitles loaded.


"Terrible Player"

Reviewer: -Sam Fourie

Review Date: 2014-09-08

Pros: Nothing

Cons: Video control are text buttons. Duh.. in this day an age how can you bring a video into the market with text buttons for player controls? Video quality is poor. I played a HD Video side by side with SPlayer and with This player the HD Video looks like a video shot on my old nokia VGA mode. I would not recommend this to anyone no matter how desperate you are for a video player on a n old or new computer.

Other Thoughts: None


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