What's New in version 3.67:

  • System: Fixed loaded of localized currency symbol.
  • Database: Added Framerate field.
  • MediaInfo: Added retrieving of Framerate.
  • User Interface: Clearing the global search field now shows all movies again.
  • Search: Fixed Subtitle Search.
  • IMDb Import: Improved Cast import, especially for movies or series with huge cast lists (e.g. Tatort 1970).
  • IMDb Import: Fixed search for titles containing '&'37;' (e.g 100&'37; Coco).
  • System: EMDB crashed at startup when no internet connection is available.
  • Backups: Added automatic and manual backups for config file.
  • Backups: Added option to backup all databases in one go (both for manual and update backups).
  • AutoUpdate: Updated AutoUpdater to be able to restart EMDB.
  • Rename Media Files: &'37;L sometimes added an extra character.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, French, Catalan and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.66:

  • User Interface: I was forced to remove all IMDb logos on demand of IMDb lawyers. :-(.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Disabling importing Rotten Tomatoes scores now also hides the scores in the Movie Details Panel and Add / Edit Movie screen.
  • Search: Added Search for missing files (thumbnails, media files, TV Series Episodes).
  • User Interface: Added Video Codec to Movie Details Panel (instead of features).
  • User Interface: Added option to hide the ratings in the Movie Details Panel.
  • Database: Added some more standard aspect ratios.
  • Database: Added Catalan as Spoken Language / Subtitle / Audio Stream language.
  • Search: Added Search on video codecs.
  • Added feature to remove duplicate directors.
  • Search: Improved case insensitive search on foreign charavter sets (e.g. find 'Das Bose' if search for 'DAS BoSE')
  • Add from Hard Disk: Fixed detecting episodes starting for file names starting with a number (e.g. '3rd Rock From The Sun S01 E01 Brains and Eggs.mkv').
  • TV Series: Improved getting main thumbnail from TheTVDB for multi (using series poster) or single seasons (using season poster) if configured.
  • File Import: Fixed an issue with csv files containging double quotes.
  • User Interface: Improved search box user interaction on search while typing.
  • System: Changed config file location from Documents to AppData.
  • Translations: Fixed several issues with translations for multiple languages.
  • Translations: Updated the Swedisch, Slovenian, French, German, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.65:

  • Delete Movies: fixed issue with deleting multiple (all) movies.
  • User Interface: Removed duplicate PCM from audio stream lists.
  • Translations: Fixed ??? showing up in list of Audio Streams.
  • Translations: Added some missing translations.
  • User Interface: Fixed display of poster thumbnail and TODO image if display is set to DVD Insert.
  • User Interface: Fixed column width was not restored in some rare cases.
  • Add From Hard Disk: Improved progress messages for adding single and multiple TV Series.
  • Add From Hard Disk: Always use the folder name for querying TV Series.
  • Fixed too large UI for Ultra HD 125&'37; or higher.
  • HTML Export: Added Tagline to movies pages.
  • User Interface: Several large Windows Font Size improvements.
  • Fixed Tagline was not reset in Add Movie screen.
  • MediaInfo: Improved parisng MediaInfo results and fixed some more undetected Audio streams.
  • Edit Cast: Fixed editing actors with voice only.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Persian, Italian, French, Swedish and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.63:

  • System: Force downloading Autoupdater if new version is available.
  • System: The Autoupdater is downloaded if needed but not present.
  • Added option to show/hide title in poster view
  • Added poster view slideshow with screensaver mode.
  • Fix poster display on Secondary Monitor.
  • System: Added context menu option to move file(s).
  • Media Files: Made the feature to store the drive labels of external disks along with the path name optional.
  • User Interface: Small improvements in drawing DVD and 4K cases with and without cover.
  • User Interface: Improved displaying file and network traffic sizes.
  • User Interface: Fixed a scrollbar issue in the Groups Selection Screen.
  • Database: Improved Adding and Editing Actors including ability to edit the Actor IMDb ID.
  • Batch Update: Added options to only update missing Thumbnails and/or Posters.
  • MediaInfo: Fixed some more undetected Audio streams.
  • User Interface: Fixed position Options Screen on Secondary Monitor.
  • Database: Added addition of a ghost movie when only one or more changes were made in the Edit Movie screen.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Slovenian, Catalan, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.62:

  • User Unterface: Added title / year to the poster view.
  • Hotfix: Added 'Not Now' Button to postpone a hotfix.
  • MediaInfo: Fixed some more (rare) undetected audio streams.
  • TV Series: Main duration now shows number of episodes + total duration (only for new or updated entries).
  • User Interface: When entering a title to manually to add a movie sometimes a '0' was added before the title.
  • Add from Hard Disk: EMDB selected the first entry from the IMDb query results matching the year in the file name even if there were more matches.
  • Add from Hard Disk: Fixed removing keywords and from search string.
  • Downloads: Update the Basic Elegant Icon set (thanks to Domenico Cosentino).
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.61:

  • System: Added Hotfix feature to deploy small fixes without having to release a new version.
  • User Interface: Fixed crash when opening the Search screen.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, German and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.60:

  • IMDb Search: Improved searching for very long titles (e.g. 'Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn')
  • TV Series: Making a season a single season should set the season poster as main bookshelf poster too.
  • TV Series: Deleting a TV Series Season didn't delete the season cover.
  • User Interface: Changes in Groups were not saved if nothing in the Database was changed before closing EMDB.
  • MediaInfo: Fixed some incorrect detected and undetected audio streams.
  • Database: Added 'CED Video Disc' as Media type.
  • Database: Added 'FLAC' as Audio Stream type.
  • Database: Added 'Maya' as Subtitle and Spoken Language type.
  • Database: Fixed a crash when merging databases with movies with invalid Actors, Directors, Writers or Composers.
  • Add From Hard Disk: Improved adding TV Series: The folder name is now used as search text. Better episode detection. Added check if TV Series folder is already used.
  • User Interface: Moved the Update Media File Locations feature to the Batch Update Options page.
  • User Interface: Added a Show All Button to clear Search and Filter results to the toolbar.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Russian and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.59:

  • Import TheTVDB: Fixed season and specials posters for Series with more than 10 seasons.
  • Custom Values: Fixed saving Custom Services.
  • Translations: Updated the German translation.

What's New in version 3.58:

  • User Interface: Unchecking TV Series was not saved.
  • import TheTVDB: Fixed importing of special (escaped) characters and new lines in episode descriptions.
  • Renaming Media Files: Spaces were replaced by underscores.
  • Translations: Fixed translation of Add Groups Dialog.
  • Database: Added option to allow duplicates when merging databases.
  • Add Movies: Improved Check for duplicates when adding movies.
  • User Interface: Improved sorting after Search or Filter.
  • MediaInfo: Added support for reading HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, German and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.57:

User Interface:

  • Moved Managing groups to the Options.
  • Improved drawing of the cover and selection of 4K UHD cases on the bookshelf.


  • Added batch renaming USB drive labels.
  • When switching location in the Database Options Page the extra databases are now also automatically detected.
  • Added 5 more custom genres.
  • Added 'NOW TV' to the Streaming Services.

TV Series:

  • Fixed displaying season information on the bookshelf when seasons don't have episodes yet.
  • Better handle adding seasons which are not sequential.
  • Improved detection of episodes from file names and added support for years as seasons. (e.g. Tatort 2020x14.mp4)
  • The TVDb Import :Added support for years as seasons.


  • Updated all templates to better support high resolution printers.
  • Add from Hard disk: Don'tcheck for TV Series episodes anymore when adding Movies.


  • Improve navigating movies starting with a letter using the keyboard and F3.


  • Updated the Czech, German, Arabic, Spanish, Persian, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.56:

  • Restoring Backups: Opening an emdb.dat inside a backup folder now works too (retrieving the full backup)
  • TheTVDB Import: Not existing images on the TheTVDB server broke the import.
  • EAN/UPC lookup: Major improvement on resolving movies due to incorrect EAN/UPC (thanks to Matthew Bresson)
  • Database: Added Movies Anywhere to the Streaming Services.
  • User Interface: Fixed slow switching between databases.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Arabic, Simplified Chinese Catalan, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.55:

  • TheTVDB Import: Specials were not imported.
  • TheTVDB Import: Lock season didn't lock updating the season cover.
  • TheTVDB Import: Seen date for specials was not saved.
  • System: Made renaming of the databases more robust.
  • User Interface: Added an overview screen to show which movies are going to be deleted when searching for removed media files.
  • Checking Seen now also unchecks Shortlist.
  • User Interface: Extended the zoom factor and case spacing for 4K displays.
  • Add from Harddisk: Improved speed of getting actor photo's.
  • User Interface: Ignore Prefixes was not taken into account when sorting on Groups.
  • User Interface: Available columns to display in ListView were not always showing correctly.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.53:

  • User Interface: Added visualization for selected sort column and direction in ListView.
  • Database Assigning custom cast photo’s sometimes failed.
  • Edit Multiple Movies: Added Streaming Service as field to edit.
  • Database: Added VUDU as streaming source.
  • User Interface: added option to copy the movie cover to the clipboard.
  • User Interface: Improved keyboard control of message boxes: you can now use arrow keys and ENTER (or SPACE) to select a button to choose.
  • User Interface: Improved the tab order of the Add / Edit Movies Screen.
  • User Interface: Context menu didn't work on multiple selection in ListView.
  • User Interface: Added option to toggle displaying VHS tapes on the Bookshelf.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed IMDb lookup when entering IMDb number in the Title field.
  • TVDB Import: Fixed an issue with episodes from seasons getting mixed up.
  • TV Series: Improved detection of valid episode file names.
  • Add Movie: IMDb Top 250 value was sometimes taken over when multiple movies were manually added in one go.
  • Add from HardDisk: Fixed an issue with custom NFO files.
  • Batch Update: Create Missing NFO's didn't take the setting All / Selected / Filter Results into account.
  • Translations: Updated the Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Russian, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.52:

  • Rotten Tomatoes Import: Optimzed download for movies were the years on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes don't match.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Import: Fixed Batch Update took over values from previous movie is no match.
  • TheTVDB Import: Fixed crash when search without IMDb number was made.
  • TheTVDB Import: Fixed Windows 7 blocked TheTVDB import.
  • User Interface: Added VHS Sleeve visualisation for the bookshelf.
  • User Interface: Fixed cropping CD Jewel case image from DVD cover.
  • Cover Import: Removed import as the site is gone.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.51:

  • Add Movies: Added possibility to add movies using EAN / UPC codes.
  • IMDb Import: Improved displaying import progress.
  • User Interface: Added HDR as possible columns to show in ListView and to be used in Print / Export.
  • User Interface: Fixed a rare issue where the sort order was incorrectly reversed.
  • IMDb Import: Improved searching for titles with diacritic characters.
  • Database: Added EAN / UPC Code field.
  • Database: Added options to remove duplicate Actors.
  • Database: Added options to remove unused Writers.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed importing duplicate Writers for a Movie.
  • TheTVDB Import: Switched to the new API V3 as the old one became very unstable recently.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.50:

  • Print: Fixed printing of the last page of the movie details sometimes failed.
  • IMDB Import: Sometimes not all the actor photos were downloaded.
  • Backups: Added the name of the database to the backup file or folder (if multiple databases are in use).
  • TomatoMeter Scores: Fixed displaying 0&'37; when no score available or importing of tomatometer is disabled.
  • TomatoMeter Scores Import: Fixed import due to a change the way the Rotten Tomatoes website handled data.
  • Add /Edit Dialog: Clearing all data set the TomatoMeter Score to 0&'37; instead of no score.
  • Cast Photos: Fixed an issue were images were repeated if actors don't have a photo.
  • Export / Print: Added TomatoMeter Scores.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Slovenian, German, Italian, Czech, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.49:

  • User Interface: Updated the default toolbar icons.
  • Backups: Fixed an issue were automatic backups and backups when installing a new version were sometimes saved to AppDataLocalVirtualStore instead of the configured location.
  • Media Files: Fixed Media Files on External Drives with Label containing [] did not play.
  • Scan at Startup: Added option to prevent scanning of subfolders.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Properly handle scores of 0&'37;.
  • Loan History: Fixed displaying of short loan durations.
  • Statistics: Fixed percentage seen movies.
  • Statistics: Added number of seen TV Series.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Catalan, Turkish, Arabic and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.45:

  • Edit: Clearing all fields and adding new data was handled as adding a new movie instead of changing the current.
  • Edit: Clear did not clear Tomatometer score and Meta score.
  • Multiple Edit: Fixed sometimes genres were overwritten when not selected for change.
  • Multiple Edit: Locked movies are now excluded in multiple edit (except for multiple unlock ;-)
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Added support for TV Series.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Added an option to manually select or change a movie.
  • Rotten Tomatoes download / batch update: Always use the English title if available to get a better match.
  • TheMovieDB download: Use IMDb number instead of title to get a better match.
  • IMDb download: Fixed character name was not retrieved when no character page is available.
  • IMDb download: Fixed cast photos were not downloaded for actors without character page.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Persian and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.44:

  • HTML Export: Updated Responsive Red template to V1.4.
  • Filter Menu: Fixed missing translations.
  • Batch Update: Fixed Top250 batch update returned incorrect #1 position for some movies.
  • User Interface: Fixed displaying of IMDb top 250 on the Movie Details Panel.
  • Sorting: Improved sorting on Seen column if column is configured to show Yes / No or X instead of the date.
  • Database: Added Rotten Tomatoes movie link.
  • Batch Update: Added Rotten Tomatoes TomatoMeter Score Batch update.
  • Batch Update: Added Actors Photo update (also fixes duplicate photo's and incorrect links to IMDb actor pages).
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.43:

  • Translations: Fixed crash with Finnish translation when opening the Add / Edit page.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed an issue where a movie could get #1 incorrectly.
  • User Interface: Added a Column and Filtering for IMDb Top250.
  • Search: Fixed Subtitle Search.
  • Database: Fixed silence Language property.
  • IMDb Update: Improved the order the cast is listed by first selecting actors with a Photo AND a Character page.
  • Database: Added Rotten Tomatoes TomatoMeter Score import.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Catalan, Czech, German, Slovak, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.41:

  • Add Movie: Fixed unlocking controls after using Add and Continue on a locked movie.
  • Add Movie: Fixed new movies sometimes showed up twice on the bookshelf.
  • Edit Movie: Fixed Movie Details Panel was not updated when editing a movie.
  • Database Options: Added button to cleanup duplicate Actor Photo's.
  • System: Cutting / Pasting TV Series lost the Series details and Posters.
  • User Interface: Added option to immediately sort new added movies or show them at the top of the list.
  • User Interface: Adding a movie after doing a Search / Filter didn't always show the new movie until restart.
  • Database: Added MediaBook as Case type.
  • Batch Update: Improved progres Media Info Batch Update process.
  • Translations: Updated the Dutch translation.

What's New in version 3.39:

  • Add Movies From Hard Disk: Clicking Cancel when browsing a folder for adding Multiple Movies or a TV Series was not handled correctly.
  • Database: Added 'iTunes', 'Google Play' and 'Youtube' to the Streaming Services.
  • Merge Databases: Improved merging code to better handle large databases.
  • Merge Databases: Posters are now also merged.
  • Merge Databases: Added a progress indicator.
  • Merge Databases: Added a detailed result overview.
  • User Interface: Added movies are now also correctly positioned when a Search result or Filtering is shown.
  • Print: Improved the layout of the Movie Details Template.
  • Edit Multiple movies: Added possibility to change Genres of multiple movies.
  • Add Movies From Hard Disk: Added support for Kodi generated movie.nfo, tvshow.nfo and poster.jpg.
  • Translations: Updated the French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.38:

  • Startup: Fixed scanning for removed Media files at startup.
  • System: Fixed displaying filenames on External Drives containing [] characters.
  • Rename Moved Media Files Location: Fixed renaming on external drives.

What's New in version 3.36:

  • System: Upgrading a library also broke file size detection with MediaInfo.

What's New in version 3.35:

  • System: Uprgrading a library broke handling of large files and removable drive labels.

What's New in version 3.34:

  • Startup: Media files on removable disks are also checked for removal if the specific drive is mounted.
  • System: Fixed crash when parsing media files with invalid dates.
  • Translations: The Arabic translation caused a crash when multiple movies were selected.
  • Translations: Changed the flag for the Arabic translation to the flag of Saudi Arabia.
  • User Interface: Added 'Copy Media Files to' to context menu to copy media file(s) to a specific location.
  • Rename media files: Renaming now also renames the NFO file if present.
  • Add / Edit screen: Fixed showing voice only actor pages on IMDb.
  • User Interface: Changed the alignment of the rating columns in the listview to left aligned.
  • User Interface: Always show Characters in Cast tab of Add / Edit screen.
  • Print: Added Detailed Movie Overview Print template.
  • User Interface: While editing the Loaned input field special keys for selecting text (e.g Shift-Home, Ctrl-A etc.) operated on the Movie List / Bookshelf instead.
  • Translations: Updated the Catalan, Spanish and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.32:

  • Database: Fixed an issue resulting in an empty database after loading the new data format.
  • Database: Improved loading speed even more.
  • User Interface: Removed Paypal and donation buttons when application is customized.
  • Add Movies from Hard Disk: Improved TV Series Episode detection.
  • Translations: Updated the Slovenian, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, German and Dutch translations.

What's New in version 3.30:

  • Database: Fixed Sort string of Groups were not saved.
  • Translations: Fixed Custom Field labels were not translated when description was left empty.
  • User Interface: Added Whishlist as selectable column.
  • TV Series: Fixed displaying of Single Season / Specials sometimes was incorrect.
  • Database: Fixed Out Of Memory error for huge databases.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, German and Dutch translations.