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Release Date:   2017-10-31

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Reviewed on October 16, 2017

EOL or End-Of-Line is a Windows software application that converts English language text files in different formats such as Windows (CRLF), UNIX/OSX (Linux), and old Mac (CR before OS X 10) to any of these three formats.

Features and Functions

File Selection for Conversion

Selecting multiple files at a time is possible with EOL. Simply hold the Ctrl key while clicking on the files that you wish to convert. Use Shift + click to choose a range of files. Use Select All button to select all files. You can also use wild cards in selecting files. * is the wild card character for numbers while ? is the wild card for characters.

Binary Files

EOL cannot convert binary files. It will just damage binary files beyond repair. To check whether a file is binary or not, open a file using notepad or any other text editor. If you are able to read all of the files, then it is not a binary file. EOL cannot easily detect if a file is binary or text. Text files containing diacritic letters or other special characters can be detected by EOL as binary.

Producing Backup Copies

Make Backup Copies check box determines whether a back up copy of the original file is done. A backup file will be created as .BAKx copying the original name of the file and x in the filename extension contains any number from 0 to 9. Every backup copy will have the number increased.

Example: The first time that done.txt is converted with Make Backup Copies checked, it will have a backup file named done.txt.BAK0. The next backup file will be done.txt.BAK1 and so on.

Converting Files

There are three buttons located on the right part of the EOL window to select the text file format that you want to convert your files to. You can only choose one button at a time. After selecting the Convert to type, click the Convert button and double click on the file name to convert the file. The converted file will replace the original file. There is a progress indicator that comes out every 100 lines. In case a file to be converted has the same format as the Convert to type, it will be skipped.


EOL is a useful program for converting text files into different formats because it automatically detects the type of format of each text file. It's very easy to use as it only has three menus containing six menu items and four buttons.

Software Product Description

A text file End-Of-Line converter.

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.