EZDNSWatch 1.8      

Size:   1.85MB

License:   FREEWARE

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Release Date:   2008-06-20

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista

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Software Product Description

EZDNSWatch will keep an eye on your DNS settings and let you know if something changes them. You can easily change them back if this happens.

EZDNSWatch will even check your wired or wireless router for hacking vulnerabilities. We use the same techniques that viruses and trojans use, but we're the good guys and we'll tell you if you need to do something to make sure your router cannot easily be hacked.

EZDNSWatch also supports OpenDNS. OpenDNS is a free public DNS server that is guaranteed safe and also provides protection from phishing and other dangerous sites you might accidentally encounter while browsing the Internet.

It is also recommended to use OpenDNS instead the normal DNS server. In many cases it also provides a noticeable speed boost because most DNS servers provided by ISP's are much slower than OpenDNS's servers. EZDNSWatch makes using OpenDNS quick and easy. You don't need to do anything except check the box in EZDNSWatch and you will automatically start using OpenDNS.

EZDNSWatch is totally free for personal use. It installs in seconds and will silently watch and protect your DNS settings from being hijacked or tampered with. It is a must have utility.