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Release Date:   2007-12-15

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EZHostCheck is a tool created in response to the many tools that already existed that were in my opinion overly complex and costly. Most people have a series of hosts they wish to monitor to ensure their availability but can't spend a bunch of time and resources monitoring them. There are a number of tools which will ping (ICMP) a host and alert when the ping fails, however many times, the host will respond just fine to pings, but the service the host is providing (ie. http, smtp,etc) will have stopped resulting in that host no longer serving that tcp port request (ie. 80,25,etc)

With EZHostCheck you add the hosts you wish to monitor and specify if you wish to monitor the host via ICMP or check for the existence of an open TCP port. Further you choose the level of alerting you wish for each host. The result is that each host entry in the monitored list, can have a different monitoring type (ICMP or TCP Port), alert notifications (Play a sound file or send an email) and status levels (you can disable one of the hosts if you know it will be down for a period of time so that it will not bombard you with alerts, etc).


"Almost, but not quite"

Reviewer: -Nexusphreez

Review Date: 2010-08-25

Pros: Very simple and easy to use. Setup multiple sites to monitor.

Cons: need the ability to set the port for the email notification. Most servers these days do not allow port 25 to be used.

Other Thoughts: Fix this issue and maybe make it multi-threaded.


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