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Although Web browsers come with built-in downloaders, they generally have limited capabilities. If you are looking for a free but powerful download manager, then EagleGet will give you more than you are looking for. The software integrates three useful programs, namely:
  • Download accelerator that increases speeds by up to 600 percent and resumes broken downloads
  • Smart Video Grabber that can download videos in different formats from any website
  • Multi-talented Manager that helps you perform various tasks, including scheduling tasks and checking for malware

Using EagleGet

During installation, EagleGet closes all open Web browsers to enhance its integration with the browsers. The program features a simple user interface with icons that display their functions when the cursor rests on them. The icons are self-explanatory.

We could add a new download task by either typing or pasting its URL after clicking the relevant icon. When the Clipboard live monitor feature is active, you do not need to paste a link, as the software will grab it automatically. We could then specify the output directory and edit the file name. We decided to configure the program to group downloads into various categories, such as software, media, documents and archives within the default download directory.

You can use EagleGet to download multiple files simultaneously, and you can configure the maximum number of files to download in a batch. When a download completes, the program plays a sound and displays a notification on the lower right corner of the desktop, with the option of opening the file or its folder. You will not get any notification if you activate silent mode.

The program allowed us to configure how it worked by offering a multitude of options. Some of the options that many downloaders do not have included preventing Windows from sleeping and hibernating while downloading, checking for viruses after a download completes, converting media using FFMpeg, setting download speed limits and displaying the record button on multimedia content. We could also set the action to take when a download completes, such as exiting the program or shutting down the computer.

The Task Scheduler can help you set things you would like to happen automatically at specified times. For example, you can specify when to start or stop download tasks. You can also set the times and days you want to remove completed downloads from the task list. Task Cleaner can not only help you to remove tasks from history but also delete specified files from the computer.

The Video Sniffer automatically detected both video and audio files on Web pages and allowed us to download the ones we wanted. On the other hand, the media grabber downloaded different media files and converted them to other formats.

Additionally, we could use the program to compare a downloaded file's SHA1 or MD5 checksum with known ones to determine its integrity.


EagleGet is a powerful and free download manager that you can configure to access websites requiring login credentials. You can even use it to scan downloaded files for viruses. The program is compatible with the latest Windows operating systems, and it integrates with all popular Web browsers.

Software Product Description

EagleGet is a free all-in-one download manager; it can be integrated to Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, offering support for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocol as well as popular online video websites.


"blue screen reboots"

Reviewer: -scott

Review Date: 2016-02-21

Pros: fast and easy to manage

Cons: Kept causing my pc to reboot in the blue screen of death

Other Thoughts: None


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