Easy Context Menu 1.6      

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Release Date:   2015-08-17

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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 Reviewed on March 18, 2015

The context menu makes it easy for users to access important functions, typically by clicking the right mouse button. However, you may not get some functions you would like. Easy Context Menu gives you the opportunity to make your context menu more versatile by adding extra functions and features.

Using Easy Context Menu

Since Easy Context Menu was a portable application, we extracted its files and saved them to our preferred destination. We could even use it from a USB drive, but we chose to save it on a folder on our hard disk to ensure we always had access to it. The application itself gave us the option to create its desktop shortcut.

The application opened in a small rectangular window in the middle of our desktop, which extended to cover the entire height of the monitor and snapped to the left when we clicked the maximize button. However, it did not increase its length.

The main interface displayed many commands and functions, which were grouped into various categories like Desktop Context Menu, My Computer Context Menu and Drives Context Menu. Each category included further subdivisions such as System Tools and Turn Off Options, and each command or function had a check box to the left.

We could select all commands in a subcategory at once or click on the individual ones we wanted to add to our context menu. Once we had made our selections, we simply clicked on Apply Changes or Ctrl+S to update our context menu.

The enhanced context menu made it easy for us to manage our computer in general. For example, we could delete temporary files in two clicks. The application displayed pop-up messages just above the system tray to show what it had done. For example, it showed the number of temporary files deleted for about two seconds.

The functions we added to the context menu were also grouped in categories as in the application.


Easy Context Menu is a small portable application with powerful abilities. You can use it to enhance the functionality of your context menu by adding and removing commands and functions as you want for easier management of your system. It is important to remember that it has many options, and adding all of them can complicate the context menu.

Software Product Description

Easy Context Menu enables you to add a variety of useful commands and tweaks to your context menu.