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Reviewed on September 13, 2018

Calculate the time you work on a project down to the hours, minutes and seconds you spend

Easy Work Time Calculator is a free work time calculator that is user-friendly and highly adaptable to the wide range of tasks involved in work time management. The application enables you to stay current with how much time you spend on all your various tasks. You can Add and Delete, Start, Pause, Continue and Stop tasks, and Edit the tasks you've set up.

  • Calculates/counts time expended in years, months, weeks, days and hours, and even minutes and seconds
  • Categorizes tasks in a tree for convenient listing
  • Totals and averages the columns of listed tasks
  • Convenient task filter - Started, Wait, Paused or Finished
  • Automatic memory of order and width of the columns
  • Automatic refresh with setting option
  • Hide column options

Getting set up with Easy Work Time Calculator

Download and run the executable work time calculator file. You'll be presented with a clean and well-organized interface. A left-hand panel displays the Category Tree, where you'll set up job categories, and the main workspace shows columns of Tasks and Categories by name, with their Status, Start and End Time, and the amounts of time expended on each one of them. The bottom part of the workspace provides the statistics - column totals and averages.

On the menu bar at the top of the screen, you'll find setup buttons for Categories, Tasks, Tools, Language and Help. Beneath this is the Filter bar where you can quickly find a specific task for review or to continue to work on.

Add, Edit or Delete categories by clicking the Categories tab and displaying the drop-down menu. Selecting Add will bring up a window of icons for various categories. From there you add details.

The Task button displays a drop-down menu where you Add, Edit, Delete, Pause, Continue or Stop.

The Options window (under Tools) will allow you to change the appearance of your screen - font name and size, foreground color, refreshing frequency and the precision of individual numbers. Backup functions are also available from the Tools menu.

Start calculating your work time

To start calculating the time you spend on a project, click Add from the Task tab to set up your work time calculator and access the Add Task screen. Just give it a name, add a Tooltip, click Instant, Manual or Plan to add the Start Time which will display in editable bars. Buttons below allow you to Save & Add, Save & Close or Cancel. Once you start working on your task, Easy Work Time Calculator will be minimized to the system tray where you can conveniently access it when you want to pause your work. You can access it at any time to change the status of the task and to add notes to the job file via Notepad.

If you're looking for an easy to use work time calculator that will calculate the time you spend on your various projects, whether professional or personal, Easy Work Time Calculator from TriSun is your answer. It is compatible with all versions of Windows, does not use a large amount of your resources and is conveniently designed to be useful without needing an involved learning curve to get you started.

Software Product Description

Calculates the amount of time spent on a work project.