What's New in version 4.19:

New features in the Platform and Equinox:

Text Editors:

  • Horizontal Scrolling in Text Editor You can now scroll horizontally in the Text Editor using Shift+Mouse Wheel and touchpad gestures on Windows.


  • Find Next/Previous in Console View
    • Disable All in Breakpoints view
    • Termination of child processes of launched OS processes can be configured


    • External browsers on Windows

    New features for Java developers:


    • JUnit 5.7.1

    Java Editor:

    • Quick assist to create try-with-resources
    • Add catch clause to try-with-resources assists
    • Quick fix to create permitted type declaration
    • Java Feature clean ups
    • Pattern matching for instanceof clean up
    • Reduce indentation clean up
    • Extract increment clean up
    • Use Comparator.comparing() clean up
    • Multi-catch clean up
    • Convert fields into local variables
    • Static inner class clean up
    • Use String.replace() clean up
    • Primitive comparison clean up
    • Primitive parsing clean up
    • Pull down common code from if/else statement clean up
    • String.substring() clean up
    • Unreachable block clean up
    • Unlooped while clean up
    • Source Fixing clean ups
    • Object.equals() on non null clean up
    • Comparison to zero clean up

    Java Views and Dialogs:

    • Parallel index search
    • Coloring restricted identifiers
    • Externally annotate sources
    • static import org.mockito.Mockito.* available as favorite


    • Toggle tracepoints in editor ruler
    • Toggle breakpoint on a list of methods including abstract method

    New APIs in the Platform and Equinox:

    Platform Changes:

    • Content-assist contributor allows more flexible control of completion triggers
    • Contribute to content-assist for Generic Editor with OSGi services
    • API for Atomic IMarker creation with attributes
    • IncrementalProjectBuilder can optionally implement new clean with arguments method
    • Moved from org.eclipse.e4.rcp to org.eclipse.rcp feature

    SWT Changes:

    • API for Resource disposal tracking
    • API for Shell maximum size
    • Edge back-end support for Browser

    New features for plug-in developers:


    • Include/exclude bundles directly from the target definition view

    API Tools:

    • Warning for missing bundle in API baseline
    • Improved text for exported packages in the editor

    API Enhancements:

    • New advanced editing capabilities for custom target platforms