Edge Blocker 1.7      

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Release Date:   2021-03-14

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OS:  Windows 10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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If you've made the switch to Windows 10, you're no doubt familiar with its core app Microsoft Edge. Not only is it the Windows 10 default browser -- Edge actually knocked Internet Explorer from its long-held spot as the Windows OS default -- but it's also the default PDF reader. There are tons of reasons why many people choose not to use Edge: it doesn't have cross-platform support, doesn't support extensions, and is restrictive to use. Those who don't like being forced by Microsoft to use an inferior product have tried to manually get rid of Edge, to no avail. If you want a way to keep the program from running, one option is Edge Blocker.

Using Edge Blocker

Installing and running Edge Blocker takes just a few minutes, and the program is super simple to use. It's important to note that if you install Edge Blocker on Windows 10 with an account that has administrator privileges, the program will block Microsoft Edge for all other user accounts. Installing it on a user account without admin access results in Edge only being blocked on that specific account.

The program runs right after you unpack it, and the interface clearly gives you two options: block Microsoft Edge or unblock it. After pressing the "Block" button Microsoft Edge won't load, whether it's you trying to manually start it or if an application tries to launch the program. If for some reason you decide to go back to Edge, click the "Unblock" button on the Edge Blocker screen. It's a good idea to install and set a different default browser before blocking Edge, just to ensure you don't run into any problems. Alternatively, you can tick the "I.E. Shortcut" box on the Edge Blocker interface and the program will put a shortcut to the Internet Explorer browser on your desktop.


Though Edge Blocker isn't compatible with some versions of Windows 10, particularly the x64 Home Version, it's a great tool for those who've upgraded and don't want to use the operating system's default browser and document reader. Edge Blocker is easy to use, has a clean interface, is very effective, and best of all, it's totally free. All of these things makes the program a must have for Windows 10 users who are looking to block Microsoft Edge.

Software Product Description

Block Microsoft Edge.