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Release Date:   2020-07-15

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Software Product Description

Emu71 is a special calculator emulator for the HP Titan calculator HP-71B hardware. It gives you access to the calculator interface on your computer. The emulator is a ROM dump program that requires ROM images, which are valid in either packed or unpacked states. Hewlett Packard copyrights the images.

You need to extract the emulator files and necessary skins into an empty directory, into which you will then copy ROM images. When you initially launch Emu71, it detects the directory you install it in and writes necessary configurations to the registry.

Emu71 displays a box to choose your KML script, which defines the emulator's visual aspects and the way the keyboard and buttons behave. The script allows you to customize your emulator. You can operate the virtual keyboard with either the PC keyboard or mouse, but using the mouse is easier.

Emu71 is a freeware that you can modify and redistribute according to the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Note from FreewareFiles: ROM images are not included in this distribution.