EncryptedRegView 1.03      

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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EncryptedRegView is a handy tool for reading data in the Windows Registry that is encrypted with Data Protection API (DPAPI). You can use it to scan registries in both internal and external hard discs. The program searches for, decrypts and then displays the data, which may include such secret details as passwords for various Microsoft and third-party products.

Using EncryptedRegView

EncryptedRegView is a portable application that only needs to be extracted to the required folder. When we double-clicked the executable file, the software opened its "Advanced Windows" window from where we configured the way we wanted it to perform the Registry scan. However, we only managed to access data that required elevated mode when we launched the application as Administrator.

Once we had made the necessary configuration and clicked the "OK" button, the software started the scanning process. The application's graphical user interface was divided into upper and lower panes that showed different details.

When the program found and successfully decrypted DPAPI-encrypted data, it added a new item on the upper pane with the "Decryption Result" column marked as "Succeeded." If the decryption step was not successful, the result column was marked as "Failed." The successfully decrypted data was also marked with a green icon while the unsuccessful one was marked in red color.

The lower left corner of the program window displayed the number of selected items and total number of items found.

When we wanted to scan the Registry in an external hard disc that was connected to our computer, we selected the option marked "Scan the Registry of external drive" in the top combo box. We then selected the external drive and clicked the button marked "Automatic Fill", which enabled the program to automatically fill the right folders on the drive. The software automatically selected the latest modified user profile, but we could manually specify the appropriate paths when we wanted to scan a different user profile.

Depending on where the data is stored in an external hard drive, you may be required to provide the logon password.


If you need to access product passwords and other secret data stored in the Windows Registry, then EncryptedRegView will come in handy. The freeware is designed to find and decrypt data encrypted by Data Protection API and display the decrypted information. It is compatible with both 32- and 64-bit editions of Windows OS from Windows XP.

Software Product Description

Scans the Registry of your current running system or the Registry of external hard drive you choose and searches for data encrypted with DPAPI (Data Protection API).