What's New in version 1.8

  • Added the ability to show up to 20 pictures on every monitor during the slideshow.

What's New in version 1.7:

  • New actions: rotate (and automatically save) image 90 degrees left or right with 'L' and 'R' buttons
  • User-selected text (like image file name, total number of images and so on) now shown on all monitors, not only on main monitor
  • More randomness: another attempt to shuffle images so that any image from any folder has a chance to show up in the slideshow at any moment

What's New in version 1.6:

  • Pictures in RAW format are now supported;
  • Control which files are used for the slideshow by choosing allowed file formats, maximum or minimum file size, or allowed EXIF tags;
  • Transition preview window is now available in the 'Slide Show' section of the screensaver settings.

What's New in version 1.5.1:

  • 40 new transitions
  • everal important bugfixes

What's New in version 1.5:

  • Increased startup and shutdown speed. Also the screensaver can now be interrupted during the initial picture list creation
  • New "Smart crop" feature that allows to make picture fit the screen without loosing the original picture proportions
  • New overlay texts: picture file name without extension, picture folder name
  • Fixed a bug with random angle picture rotation