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Envisage is a 2D plotting application. Envisage specializes in the graphing of mathematical functions- be it linear, quadratic, circular, parabolic, hyperbolic, trigonometric, ecliptic, exponential or logarithmic. Envisage also supports the insertion of markers, legends and grids into plots, and includes intricate graph formatting features such as background and margin alteration.

Everything in a plot can be labeled- from the graph itself to individual axes, markers and curves. Envisage supports multiple level hierarchical zooming in and out, and automatically adjusts graph axes and scales relative to a user's desired zoom level.

In addition to the plotting of mathematical functions and data series, Envisage comes with tools that aid work in biplaner Cartesian geometry- this includes calculators for the section formula, midpoint formula, distance formula, point of interception of straight lines and roots of quadratic equations.


"Very Excellent !"

Reviewer: -shrinathdivase

Review Date: 2006-01-20

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Other Thoughts: Iam finding that it is very useful !


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