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Eraser is an advanced security tool, which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.

You can drag and drop files and folders to the on-demand eraser, use the convenient Explorer shell extension or use the integrated scheduler to program overwriting of unused disk space or, for example, browser cache files to happen regularly, at night, during your lunch break, at weekends or whenever you like.

The patterns used for overwriting are based on Peter Gutmann's paper "Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory" and they are selected to effectively remove the magnetic remnants from the hard disk.

Other methods include the one defined in the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual of the US Department of Defense and overwriting with pseudorandom data. You can also define your own overwriting methods.


"Time to mourn the death of Eraser 5.x"

Reviewer: -Alias

Review Date: 2011-09-03

Pros: - Asks for elevation on Windows Vista and Windows 7 if wiping free space (was not present in previous versions) - Randomizes file names (did not do this in previous versions)

Cons: - Can take a long time to write/delete files that it created including cleaning up after it is finished - Requires the .NET framework - Useless to those who use dark themes - Much fewer configuration options - Lower stability than 5.x and older - Wastes and hogs resources - Insists on running in the background even if you are not erasing anything (and wasting resources while doing so)

Other Thoughts: Since .NET came preinstalled with Windows 7 I decided to try it out and it was a mess. The developer says that "oh internally it is much cleaner than previous versions" and appears to ignore any negative feedback from others towards Eraser 6.x too as can be seen in forums. At least the developer is OK with free speech to some extent.

(note: I have NEVER posted in their forums and have only seen his reactions to other feedback)

Will stick with Eraser 5.x for now until such time as I find a better tool or write my own tool.


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