Ergodatagrid Basic      

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Release Date:   2008-12-01

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Software Product Description

ErgoDataGrid is an opensource powerful PHP datagrid for the internet, for web sites and for business-to-business applications to give the final user the possibility to consult archive of large dimension, too, in a better and immediate way, with many functionalities common to the normal data sheets and some characteristics unique in its kind.

Its style is initially the one of the Excel data sheets, and there is the complete theme personalization possibility.


  • data are transferred in the fastest way from a MySql database via PHP pages to an Ajax-enabled code for the client side, characterizing the result on the base of the type: string, number, boolean or date;
  • a particular treatment is given to a data type that enrich the ErgoDataGrid working, the image fields, that appear in the grid in automatic mode giving the possibility to the final user to make their enlargement, thanks to the personalization functions that reply to the same user events;
  • It's possible to make a data sort in a progressive way, the columns that make grid sorting can be one or more than one;
  • the main working engine allow, in the basic edition, to filter record on the base of the criterion of one or more columns, choosing if include at least one or anyone for the filter;
  • column criterion options can be still at 16 ones;
  • every field can be filtered by a list of contemporary values, too;
  • for the date type fields filter happens for a precise interval of time, that could be a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a month or an year;
  • the internationalization happens in automatic mode for the final user, and the developer have to add only few lines of code to make ErgoDataGrid a wide range application.
  • filtering and sort operations are automized and personalized with a page that appears to the final user with some pre-established choices and criterion options in which operate in a fast mode.