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Get any information you need about an executable or binary file.

Free, portable Exeinfo PE is an EXE file analyzer that enables you to check all the properties of an EXE (or binary) file and make decisions on what to do with it. You can edit the file, change the name, delete it and even open it. Many different options are provided to view executable file information and many tools for editing executable files.

View what you need to know about a Windows EXE file

Download, unzip portable Exeinto PE and launch to the compact user interface. You can drag and drop an EXE file - or a DLL file - into the File input bar at the top of the window, or browse to find by clicking the file browser icon button at the top of the column of buttons at right. The Entry Point, File Offset, Linker Info, and File size are immediately displayed in their respective boxes at the left. The EP Section, First Bytes, SubSystem, and Overlay information is located on the right.

A button beside the File Size box opens the Dissembler window and, beside it, the .NET Directory button opens a window to display PE Meta Data Header values and other metadata information.

The buttons in the column next to them provide more information. BIN information can be analyzed by clicking the first one and inserting the relevant HEX data in the pop-up window. The next button down opens the section view window which displays Virtual offset and size, raw data offset and size, flags, name, first bytes, ASCII and section status. The information icon shows the version information and the PE header and image directory entries can be seen in a pop-up window by clicking the PE button.

The header information includes Export or Import, Resources, Security, Debug information and more. Size of headers, directories, codebases, offsets, etc. Like the section and version info viewers, a button to copy the information to the clipboard is provided.

View executable file information with a complete EXE file analyzer

Hover your cursor over any button for pop up information on its purpose. The buttons below the file browser at right provide for testing, plugin running, configuration options, access to the tools menu and the ripper menu.

Using the Tools menu, you can perform a scan from the tools menu, configure the program to ignore EXE errors, select the always on top feature, change the size of the interface and a lot more.

Additional features include:

  • Detect over 500 binary file types
  • Internal ripper for zip, graphic, and exe files
  • Detect non-executable files
  • MD5/SHA1 file calculator
  • Detect internet behavior for file updaters and PUA downloaders
  • Includes script engine

ExEinfo PE enables you to access many options to Windows executable files. It will detect any common file types embedded in an EXE file, and extract them. The free application is available in several languages and works on all versions of the Windows OS.

Software Product Description

An application that analyzes EXE files an provides detailed property information.