Extend Tweening Engine v1.0.0      

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Release Date:   2007-04-06

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Software Product Description

The Extend Tweening Engine is an Action Script animation engine that can be used to ease the work of creating and managing animations for just about anything: filters, colors, positions and sizes, etc. Is a robust engine that can be used by everyone: artist, beginner coders, intermediate flash users and advanced programmers.

You can choose for the following reasons: it is easy to use, it gives you the liberty to tween anything you want, it can be used with any kind of MovieClip, it can be used by people who are new to Action Script as well as by people who are used to develop with Flash and Action Scrip, it introduces you with a Tween Management Class (Tween Manager) that allows you to control and correlate how the tweens in your Tween Manager behave in a determined amount of time, it offers better event handling compared to the Macromedia Tween Class and better reverse.

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"Pros and Cons"

Reviewer: -RustyCoder

Review Date: 2007-05-03

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Pros
It has: ColorTween, FrameTween, FilterTween, SimpleTween, one line to define them; has a MultiTween that gives the possibility to apply the tween simultaneously on one or more movie clips and change but as many properties as you need to
All classes can be used by a TweenManager that is able to correlate all the managed tweens.
Allows the use of flash objects like ColorTransform or of filters like DropShadow;
Would have liked an interface, as they did for their commercial products


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