What's New in version

  • Added support for RAR5 archives
  • Added icon to group context menu item
  • Added polish translation from tomasz gasior
  • Fixed bug in progress on certain archives
  • Fixed filename bug with xz archives

What's New in version 4.63:

  • Added more support for unicode including unicode passwords
  • Added extraction for IMZ
  • Added 'Delete archives folder' option
  • Added systray balloon tips when minimizing to tray
  • Added systray balloon tips when extraction complete
  • Added 'Assume one password per archive' option to speed up password list
  • Fixed deletion of archives in recursive extraction when option checked
  • Fixed unicode filename being cut off when specifying password list filename
  • Fixed path field disabled in passwords tab when it shouldn't be
  • Fixed line endings when adding password to password list
  • Fixed file modified date detection when extracting .tar.gz
  • Improved support for ISO extraction
  • Improved handling of inclusion drag&drop mask when empty
  • Updated to 7-Zip library 9.22

What's New in version 4.62:

  • Fixed target parameter when specifying a directory
  • Fixed overwrite dialog not displaying when main window minimized

What's New in version 4.61:

  • Fixed parsing of arguments when using external commands

What's New in version 4.60:

  • Fixed crash bug with browse dialog on windows xp
  • Added rename single file after archive folder name option
  • Fixed delete broken files option

What's New in version 4.59:

  • Fixed external processing when no argument specified
  • Fixed external processing for supported file types
  • Fixed monitoring directory not detecting moved folder
  • Fixed detection of split archives
  • Added macro support to favorite folder

What's New in version 4.58:

  • Fixed monitoring directories on file transfers
  • Fixed window shown in taskbar when minimize to tray
  • Fixed bug in target command line parameter

What's New in version 4.57:

  • Fixed 'Remove duplicate archive name folder' option
  • Fixed monitor directories on long copy operation
  • Added ability to launch external extraction tools
  • Improved monitoring directories tab interface