Ez AutoShutdown 1.2.25      

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Release Date:   2010-03-17

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Software Product Description

AutoShutdown is powerful and simple software that shutdown your computer automatically at a time period you choose. You can fall asleep while listening to your favorite music without having to worry about shutting down your computer. AutoShutdown lets you define different types of time schedule. It can automatic shut down system after a setted specified amount of time. You may also set a exact date time for the shutdown action.

AutoShutdown can secure your computer. AutoShutdown can help reduce your energy bills, even more so for larger companies and institutions with a greater number of computers. AutoShutdown is a free software, you could download and use it free of charge. What's the most important is it does not install any Adware or Spy ware.

AutoShutdown is so easy to use that NO Experience Or Computer Skills Necessary! Both beginners and experts can control it freely.

New Features:

  • Standby and Hibernate Support: Standby and Hibernate your computer at schedule time.
  • Hot Keys Setting: Defined hot keys for: Shutdown, Close Screen, Lock Workstation, Standby and Hibernate actions. Provides quick access to each of these actions!
  • Close Screen: Close your computer's screen. Save the monitor's life and power cost!
  • Idle Time Monitor: Monitor when a system is idle to perform an action. Provides both security and power cost savings!

Key Features:

  • Time Setting - Set a specified amount of time or the exact date time
  • Auto Shutdown - Auto shuts down the system and power off the computer
  • Auto Restart - Shuts down the system and then restarts the system
  • Auto Logoff - Shuts down all running processes, then logs the user off
  • Terminate the processes - Choose to terminate the running processes or not
  • Run At System Start - You may set the AutoShutdown to start with the Windows system starts up
  • Hide to Taskbar - It may hide the main interface to the right corner of the system taskbar while minimized


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